Child and teacher played with lotto

Child and teacher played with lotto

Everyone knows the obvious dependencies on drugs and alcohol. But less known is a gambling addiction. Many people are not aware of this dependence, if the issue is raised to believe, but the game can be a significant relationship, which can be very difficult to break. A gambling addiction can steal or even lead to suicide if they are too deep. And it’s very easy to fall into this kind of addiction. Gambling is legal in 27 countries, is the ability to capture in this type of activity is very real.

Many say it’s too easy to achieve a state of dependence on gambling. And in a way it’s true. But coming back to power and self-control. The key is knowing when to stop.

And the things that many people do not take into account that the game really. Things like bingo and lottery are actually playing. You can not on the scale of a few other games, but still play and still can be addictive. But if you need to see this type of game you wonder why more people do not become addicted. This is because, as mentioned above, know your limits and when to stop.

The problem is that the players are losing all their rationality. He pauses the game, and I think you can never lose. This keeps the price. The more you earn, the more they reproduce.

The only thing to remember is that no one wins all the time. Over time you will lose. The only consistent winner is the company.

If you only play for recreation, is very good. But be very careful not to get carried away. You play as a hobby, you can only have one or two big victories, before you think you might be good enough to get “full time”. This is when you fall into this way of thinking, which can be easily absorbed and addicted.

If you are in that direction, then you might want to reverse. Ask a family member or friend when he bets. But there’s no doubt about dessert or housecleaning. Stay away from using money at all.

If you are attracted by gambling on a regular daily or take all measures to ensure that you stay away from casinos sell or a lottery ticket. I want nothing to do with the game, if it has been taken in this direction.

The game can be controlled. If you believe that you are just able to stay away from any type of game situation to seek professional help. It’s better to do it now instead of waiting until it is too late.

The game is something you can avoid. It can be controlled. Do not go down the path of self-destruction. It’s about making a choice, you can. So, while recognizing that you have a problem. If you wait too long will eventually become a problem exists deny.

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