Guitar Rock Band 3 players have something to celebrate, with the upcoming release of a new driver that is designed specifically for the game in collaboration with the company that is responsible for the definition, is that half of the rock and roll guitar, the air Fender 50s (the other half probably designed by Gibson!).

Not only the new Rock Band 3 Guitar controller all the usual things, inspectors regularly do, but now with the addition of real strings and a pick-up (a “microphone” for guitar, the lack of a better description), which means that players can take their skills to the virtual scene in real-world settings to play and learn effectively.

Playing previous versions of Rock Band was always ashamed, a child’s toy than a real instrument for them by serious musicians that played very well and kept in toys of the platform. The gap has closed with the new driver, the choice is clear now, you can continue the game, as it has always done with the standard controller to play, or take things to the next level and become a real musician is How cool it?

While all this sounds great, what is the reality of the situation and how it really all going to work?

There are some problems with this new technology, to launch the new Guitar Rock Band 3 controller is in pro mode, which means you can only play about 4% of all available games, that’s something that Most potential buyers expect to be addressed before departure, otherwise it means you need 2 controllers actually play all the songs in the game

By making the videos and previews available this guitar do all it promises and more seem to be, this is something that recently with a competing product that promised both seen in demonstrations but very bad reviews at this time I am of course Power Gig on guitar.

Then I saw this guitar, I have not checked carefully the complaints are things like the game itself and the software in general is not good and look very dated, complaints, guitar strings must be very difficult for the sensors collect. This last point may be something that many beginner guitarists influenced by the new Fender guitar guitarist known as the force generated by your fingers properly and eliminate worry and Total have. Pain and corns

This begs the question, preventing children and just go back to the easier option of using their normal control?

We humans tend to take the easy way and what can happen, but I think even though some may fall by the wayside, many new musicians from the use of this device, which is similar instruments and children usually come , there are some, get some.

Whatever happens, one thing is certain, this is an exciting time for the players, and we want good musicians so for my part, will review this new guitar as soon as possible.

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