Every poker player has learned to play poker in a house. Participants traditionally lines cross generations or more players, young players the fundamentals of the game in our house, we have learned to play poker from our father.

Dad and his friends meet every two months or more for a home game. We did not have the right to be part of the game when his father’s friends were there. No, this game is for adults. We have. Our poker lessons during the week at the dinner table after dinner as soon as they were informed of the fundamentals of Poker (7 card stud), played cards with them or with our cousins. Cards. As part of our lives, and when we met with our cousins, you can be sure that a card game would be part of the celebrations

When my brother, our father fathers spend time with their grandchildren (boys and girls) to teach them. The complexities of poker poker began teaching when they were only five or six years. And Grandpa unhindered. He did not “come out” to attract children. The cards fell as they were destined to fall. If the grandchildren have the best hand, won. If you do not have the best hand, lost. Yes, Grandpa taught his grandson how to lose and win. Since the loss is counted a fact of life in the poker-grandfather, who was only to teach their grandchildren. A life lesson and a lesson in poker The children have learned not to be bothered, because they won. This is one heck of a life lesson.

My father rarely went on to teach life lessons. However, they were life lessons, learning with him.

My father, I have learned about charity. Not because he taught me, but because he showed me in the ways of love he did. My father learned to do things right. Not because he taught me, but it looks good to do things year after year. My father, I learned about love. Not because he taught me, but for the love you showed me all the days of my life … until the day of his death, two weeks before Christmas, eight years ago.

I miss my father. I think of him often, especially during the holidays. But the lessons I learned from him that I carry with me every day. And my love poker started with my father.

He has taught me.

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