Play With Dices

Play With Dices

Do you know how to buy a book, the reader? 1) you get a recommendation from a friend. 2) you will see an interesting article on the bestseller list. 3) You are an issue (usually non-fiction) book and get closer to their interests (usually by title). 4) You are looking at the bookstore looking for an interesting title – then read on the back of the book. 5) you see on the website of the online bookstore, what others have under this title or subject, then look for reviews of books. 6) Finally, as a rule, on the basis of title and jacket copy or book reviews, buy his book.

   Have you ever bought a book just for the title? I remember when I was in a bookstore members and the title of the book that I saw was so provocative, I must have. It turns out that a book of humor, very funny and entertaining. But I would never book if you have not purchased the title. It would not even notice! Many other times I did ads for business books in terms of sales or marketing, and found a compelling title have seen, he had to have it!

   This is the way to sell a great help as � 300,000, while the poorly chosen title for the same book sold only 1,500 copies. As a title can make all the difference in an ad, the title of his book, especially a non-fiction can be the difference between spectacular success (300,000 copies sold) and failure (1,500 copies sold). Do you want the secrets of what makes know the difference?

   For example, here are two royal titles for the same book have been tested against each other. One of them was the winner and a loser. “The Book of squash” vs. “The cookbook courgettes”.

   In this case, the title of the second book better than the first (300,000 copies sold), this is because it was more precise, we know that the people that it was zucchini. Responded to the needs of the many people who grow zucchini in their gardens and do not know what to do with them. In addition, the title is “The cookbook courgettes” so that people know. A cookbook and a book on how plants and other issues could grow zucchini “The Book of Squash” sold only 1,500 copies! Thus, the sale is final? You will not know until you try.

   This example highlights the importance of testing the title even before the publication of the book. Try several titles good book, then choose the best made, you will be much closer to advise on the sale of success only.

   An aspiring writer has created what he thought, a beautiful book entitled “The chickens bathroom” was. It was then decided that the sale of its sad literary effort because of the title he chose new arrivals were. After checking the “hot” topics of the National Enquirer and other publications, this title a remarkable success “Losing good sex with celebrities: Elvis Way” came. The book has sold hundreds of thousands of copies and can still be found on

   You only think about the short sale of securities? There are many examples of direct marketing, the title was used (up to 17 words) and yet very successful, often outperform short names. Interestingly, direct sellers live or die by the success of the sale of his books, all evidence before they have a strong rotation.

   Here is an example of a case in which a seller has bought the rights to an excellent book, with the title very soon, he has no money. Changed the title, the book took off with almost nothing sold hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales. The original title has been lost, “The Letter Book” and the title of several million dollars he had earned “radically reduce their time to write a letter to 80% and write better lyrics.” Which version would you buy?

   Another notable example of improving sales with a better title implies the book “Handbook of entrepreneurs”, which has sold only 12 copies of self-published. Celebrates Direct marketing intelligent author of the book “Why bastard success and failure in business Nice Guys “and sold 700,000 copies over a period of several years.

   When creating the title of his book, make sure you use important keywords in online sales plan. I recently came across a book on Internet auctions, eBay has been the keyword in the title. Although the book has received good reviews, gave the buyers, because when someone writes on eBay will auction in this remarkable book. Since eBay is the first keyword online auction house eBay should definitely in the title of a book, are included.

   Now that you’ve seen the power of a good book title in action. Many authors, publishers and self-publishers have similar ideas used in this article to enable sale of books in the Disaster bestselling book!


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