This game is particularly interesting by the fact that both Buffalo and Oakland were favored in order to cover the difference in separate high percentage plays last week, and both ended up doing just that, the ATS and up.

This week seems to Buffalo inflated compared to a 9 1/2 point spread to fight, but described based on a number of reasons below, and although I am not brave enough to call a total victory, and for the simple fact the Raiders, all signs of a hard-fought contest.

Why bills are facing problems regarding the possible spread of this week?

Reason # 1 of Oakland is an interesting dynamic situation in 3 weeks with the teams, their first game of the season with a win in Week 2, lost often, and are now in first or second in their division (the Raiders are currently in the AFC West, second behind Denver 2-0).

Historically, teams ride their Week 2 turn in a stunning victory in three weeks and were 29-3 ATS since 1994 and 7-1 ATS in their last 3 seasons.

Reason # 2 of 15 weeks of the season, teams with great haste% Yards For> 50 (58.7% in Oakland rushing yards came on performance parts from 10 yards or more by now) I read a single book against the average running time (the Raiders are actually averaging 1.0), are an amazing 128-60 ATS since 2001.

It’s a fact: teams that hurt opposing defenses with long gains on the floor (covered with a BRY% F H), which also requires a small amount of the penalty in relation to “crash” of the game can be offensive (ie not eligible receiver, too many men on the field, etc.) are a big bet against the spread of 7 years in a row.

Reason # 3 teams are coming off a comeback in the fourth quarter (a play on a team that lost early in the fourth quarter, came back to win the UB), which were at least 30 pass attempts in the last game, and is currently facing an opponent with a stint as coach of the differential, moving to a brutal 27-97 ATS since 1994 and 22:02 ATS in the last 3 seasons only.

Buffalo is only here, after opening the fourth quarter of last week in Jacksonville, by 13-10, and leave with the victory 20-16. It is a classic letdown situation will not help the cause of change in this Sunday.

Full for more information on these trends and a total of six pages each team possible statistics, please visit my website and click on “articles”.

Percentage Oakland trust to cover the spread in this game is as follows: 66%

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