Take one\'s choice

Take one\’s choice

Some people do not buy lottery tickets, because they think that the games are fixed. They show a remarkable example to prove his point – Pennsylvania Lottery Scandal. Such events make them flee to buy tickets. Do you? If this scandal is stopped? Buy tickets

What was the scandal of the Pennsylvania lottery? Appointed a plan by a moderator Nick Perry to manipulate the ball machine for pick 3 lottery, the April 24, 1980. His plan was, all the balls in the ball of the tensile machine, to be replaced with the exception of two balls – the number 4 and number 6 balls. Ball had complained no chance contracted so that the winning combination must include only paragraphs 4 and sixth Only eight possible combinations of 4 and 6 could be learned and Nick have thousands of tickets with these combinations. Pick 3 number was 666th win tonight Nick Perry won big.

However, the scandal was uncovered, and Nick Perry was captured. He went to jail. It was big news in the world of the lottery, and from that day, many people have remained skeptical for lottery money.

In my opinion, this case is that the lottery has to play a safe game. Since this event lotteries worldwide precautions to ensure that a game has never received false lottery again. They know that, in any case, it was like a scandal like this, ticket sales would drop dramatically. People are not going to play the lottery more. This is in all our interests and to ensure that lottery games are fair and everyone the same chance to win. So do not be afraid to spend money on the lottery.

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