Black and red poker chips in the background - grunge styled

Black and red poker chips in the background – grunge styled

One of my favorite aspects of playing the original Warcraft games could play as either pleasant or unpleasant. As the orcs were the focus of the game, I love playing. These are natural warriors, but perhaps of interest to thieves, hunters and shamans.

They are also one of the most developed stories that are present from the beginning of the series. Of war, under the direction of Gul’dan, breaking the bonds of the Burning Legion and the subsequent war with them. Now the Orcs, but there is no excuse for trying to make amends for past actions.

Bloodrage ability gives them a strong increase in the damage at the expense of healing. Fortress makes it difficult to stun or shock. Command gives a nice boost to animals Knight Hunter, Warlock and death. Axis of expertise is the use of the old orc ax in society. The combination of the rustic and the fury of blood make excellent warriors. High physical strength and resistance, pushing alignment scrimmage. But they also have a high spirit, and improved blood rage to spell damage, so an orc warlock can also be dangerous.

Total orcs are playing a great career. They are probably the best ever fighter in the game, and also a good death knight. If you are a fierce fighter with a lot of attitude and want to play intimidation factor, an orc is a good choice for you.

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