Gambling set

Gambling set

Assassins Creed 2 is the continuation of critical and commercial success, “Assassins Creed”. Follow the same basic story continues after the events of the original. But this time, instead of playing as a murderer Altair, Enzio follow the steps, a young adult and rich in Renaissance Italy.

One of the main parts of the game is the story, and there are many who have. For example, when various attacks and cut scenes not only meet many famous people of the Renaissance, but able to read back. Sounds boring, but it really feels like you’re in the midst of people not only real but important work.

The main problem was the lack AC1 diversity and duration of the short game. This is though quite fixed in AC2. Not only is the combat system is reviewed, but there are a lot of things off the beaten track that between flashbacks that add hours to your play time can be done, for example, now may be an investor in a small town, after all the lead out of the rubble of a renowned mall. How to invest in the modernization of the buildings, and buildings get discounts and a share of the profits. With this money you can buy a lot of new weapons and armor, and fun accessories like art for your home and treasure maps to find additional gold scattered around each city.

The graphics and sound of this game are also fantastic. Shadows on the ceiling, beautiful scenery, a viewing distance is unreal, the water of the rivers flowing through cities, everything looks absolutely great, especially if your TV supports 1080p high definition.

This game lets you into your seat from start to finish, including a huge twist at the end is guaranteed to make your stay. AC2 is improving rapidly and new compared to its predecessor, and unlock Xbox Live content, more fun to be had if you can finish all the content offline.


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