Macau tower

Macau tower

Any person who starts the game over time will do the same: how to increase your combat level Runescape fast. Finally, all the best things happen when you have the right amount of fight!

They have better armor, better weapons to use, do elite missions and access to better areas. Of course, you can earn more money for killing large animals, and kill them quickly.

The common misconception about the leveling runescape is that the highest possible level of monsters you can kill to work in decent quantities. From XP to the amount of damage they are based, and that the damage in the number of hit points the monster is based, is natural to conclude that it is better to fight the monsters to fight with the highest. But it is wrong for two reasons at least.

First, it means more fighting in the NPC is more hit points. Often reflects the increase in the defense or the ability to hurt you, then you are not only not cause more damage, but actually takes longer. That means more trips to the food or drink prayer, and it is the fastest way of leveling.

Second, make more difficult and monsters to kill, and although he did more points, it will take much longer to do the damage needed to kill them. Not in the points per kill, but hit points per hour than you do. Finally, to measure the time that you play in minutes and hours, not kill.

When I was in my last steps before maxing out my combat skills, I have a lot of Slayer tasks to keep you motivated. One of the things I did with all the tasks were different, the turn to get to last long. This meant that I never made the effort to kill metal dragons, although a few drops of good potential there. I know that if I had kept all these tasks more slowly than still waiting for my first 99 skill. As it is now, I have 4 (you can check my Erikfrombc character in the high scores for the test).

What this means for the player who starts? In other words, start small and work your way up. Each time you create a new character to start with chickens and stay there for a while. Not only I can get levels faster, but also delete the sentence to the bones, feathers, and the battery, you can sell quickly to bury a good money and better weapons, and cook the chicken first time I have XP in the kitchen in the near boiling pot.

I have a strategy that I got from level 3 to 50 in less than a week, with no more than two hours per day. And so I have enough money to get my armor and weapons they qualify for the upgrade. Feel free to take a look at the And try to make a new character and see if it works!

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