it is a shot of fountain in macau

it is a shot of fountain in macau

Need Privacy

People have become. Hypersensitive to their privacy during the last few years now expect that their data will be used only for the purposes for which they have provided and are not shared by original trustees. This is especially true for e-mail due to the enormous amount of unsolicited commercial (spam) circulating on the Internet.

   In Australia and elsewhere, there are laws to make privacy and the need to use personal information. (In Australia, the Privacy Act (Cth) was recently amended to allow the use of the private sector, such as personal information included, ordered medical practice records).

   In a society increasingly litigious, is not only good business reasons, legal reasons, but to ensure the highest standards of privacy, personal information should be the depositary. However, the number of people who unconsciously betray email email addresses of others to email them.

   This article explains how. Client confidentiality when sending messages to multiple recipients or BCC BCC

   Blind carbon copy

The term blind Carbon Copy is a relic of the dark ages, dark with word processing, typewriters, when we (some of you have probably never seen a typewriter) used. To produce multiple copies of a document, you had a piece of carbon paper between two sheets of plain paper a decisive influence on the topsheet is the place with style sheets copies of a second (and subsequent pages).

   The process was a bit messy, but very competent. If you send an original letter of a person and copies to others, without showing each recipient who the other recipients want a BCC annotation was added. Each copy will be displayed only the name and address of each recipient, but the BCC notation on the original showed that copies were sent. A BCC looks like this: Bcc: Mr Tom Jones, 14 Weaving Court, East Melbourne VIC 3000

   Some e-mail programs, you can specify e-mail addresses in the BCC field and send. Characterized in that each receiver receives the message, but the name of other receivers are not shown.

   That is why they are called “blind” – not seen.

Using the BCC function to get the identity of the people in your mailing list and ensure that everyone who receives the e-mail, can not send your list or collect email addresses and sell them.

   Your e-mail program

If you receive an e-mail program, make sure that the “blind carbon copy (Bcc)” function. Programs such as Outlook Express and Outlook 200? Having a capacity BCC. Though I do the ‘ve ever used, I’d be surprised if Eudora and other popular email programs do not have.

   If you show to send a new e-mail in your e-mail client, only to … and CC … Boxing could CCO function is available, but it just is not shown. Try the View menu or the Help menu to see if you can find an option BCC.

   If your email program has a BCC option that can be selected as an option permanently visible, select it. Alternatively, you can already thought of a new program.

   With BCC

If the e-mails to multiple recipients and know each recipient does not know who else received a copy, use the Bcc field.

   Enter all addresses in the Bcc field, separated by a semicolon, comma, or whatever your program separately. By clicking the submit button, the email will go to each individual and your name in the box. No receiver was sent the e-mail blank.

   Outlook 200? You can send targeted e-mail address in the field without BCC. Other email clients require at least one address in the field before. Multiple addresses in the Bcc field test the program you are using to see if you need a receiver in the area. If yes, is itself directed. (Surprisingly, email programs usually allow us to email … that’s why I get so many emails from Jennifer Lopez (joke).

   If you must make an entry in the field, run your own e-mail in this field and the direction of everyone in the Bcc field.


What you need to know about BCC is that some spam filters automatically delete emails in the Bcc field that never reached their goal achieved. This means that the sending BCC is good for privacy, your email address will not always reach the intended recipients.

   One problem that I had with Outlook Express 2002, if I could get my BCC e-mails will not be sent a copy of the message to the same address. I had the address to write data in the copies of my files for folders.

   If sending emails BCC is probably not practical for you, then you should consider updating your e-mail client of the standard run-of-the-mill version to a professional version. This is what I did.

   Email management programs

If, like me, the distribution of large amounts of e-mails regularly newsletter subscribers, customers, club members, colleagues or anyone else you will be better, a program designed for large volume shipments.

   I use and sale of bulk email program that I can do easily many tasks that can not easily using email clients such as Outlook 2002. For example, the program that I can use:

   Automatically save to my newsletter subscriptions each email personalized with the recipient’s name or any other information that you send, for example, the city not post attachments in HTML or plain text, with or without partial my mailing list if you want all e-mails in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 64-73 3000 Customer or any person whose title can I do Mrs.

   Sending a separate program for bulk e-mails, I can overcome the difficulties encountered in private life and reduce the likelihood that my overzealous spam engines messages will be deleted.

   If you rely on e-mail-to-business (and who does not?) From the stage, it may be time to consider how your email strategy meets the needs of your business in the company concerned security be today.

   Copyright 2005 Robin Henry

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