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Macau tower

What are you reading the same thing in the Bible, but

it also applies to life.

Most managers fail to provide a vision for the elimination

and if people who have a vision usually presents

lack of energy or the value of inspiration.

“Where there is no vision, the people perish” – which is the

Warning given to King Solomon [Proverbs 29:18].

And the prophet Habakkuk says, “Write the vision;

and [he] be upon tables, that he may run who reads

For the vision [is] yet for a time, but it is fast

to speak, and not lie: but they have to wait

for them, because it will surely come, it will [goods

2:2-3]. ‘

To serve their vision statements, three major


1) You must bring this vision and its efforts

not achieve something lasting;

Be written 2) Your vision is clear and simple,

Your people will be able to carry out its meaning;

3) A vision refers to a point in the future and

but it seems that it takes is

Finally, your reality.

Targeted action item!

Need verbs. Use statements to express the action. Its

Actions should focus on an effect, result, or

. Lead

We could talk about – but that will not satisfy the desires

our human hearts. Must realize his vision and other non-

left with an empty feeling.

You should say something, the other comes down to it, something

that affect their lives, something that gives them a


Offer its efforts, activities or seek reward.

One element of good reasons!

Leadership is the reason. Why do they continue

You? What “because” his vision available? As

come, we need to do this thing, this project, this company?

Your statement must be a number of reasons to give,

To take action. These reasons must be compelling and inspiring

critical, exciting, important for your group.

CEOs say that I love this movie Microphone and

Employees should be promoted

as slaves for the company to “increase shareholder

Value! After the speech, ask the staff

Percentage of their participation in society and fulfill

employees only about 0.1% – not even enough

Voting in a single director.

Increasing shareholder value is not very exciting for everyone

shareholders, including – motivated by the quantities

make money – cash in hand, no promises

Advantages of paper.

An element of trust for!

Psychologists say that the unemployed are depressed in general,

dull and apathetic. It is a scientific fact that people

live with little or no are not satisfied and

likely to think at the end of your life.

You and I are at our best when we meet

our goal. Jobs are important because

Designations tell people there is a reason for

Work, their organization and profession.

The title is not the only indicator of its purpose, but

gives you a sense, does it? We found

easier to trust and rely on the promises of a sentence,

noble goal.

Its vision statement, the group goal

worthy of their trust, loyalty and commitment.

Value element

Are your statements depict images of hope, the future

Realities and laudable goals? What is your group

You identify with them to achieve your vision?

Dazzling Visions educate, develop and promote people. Visions

Hold the mirror of future possibilities and people

to see their potential clearly defined.

You can turn your visionary projections

Group in a new and better team leaders, trust,

Innovators and mentors. Can therefore help the vision, value added

increase the wealth of resources and the best people


Activities principle elements

Unprincipled your vision fade

nothing – it is possible that the author of the Bible is

the same thing?

Your vision must be a solid foundation for a chance

a promising future. The introduction of personal culture,

values ??of the company and your employees in your vision

provides a basis for acceptance by all parties.

Principles, beliefs, morals and ethics can also form

the basis of a view. If this is not a

the positive results of the study of philosophy, psychology

or theology may have the qualities of a parent


A member of the Eternal Hope

Now is the time, but eternity is forever. Eternity is a great

eternal present – there is no past, no future and

not between the two, there is only now.

Your vision must be present at all times – to ensure

Vision can not be achieved, but whether its objectives

The image will be reached visionary available.

If the image appears a life expectancy of crystallized

the best part of eternity reflect – your vision is

Past without regret, without fear of the future condemnation

and contain a widespread hope for better things.

An infinite-dimensional

Is this your vision inspires our body, mind

Spirits and potential? You just talk

with our physical, intellectual or spiritual


The vision of the group make their way into the very center of

is able to achieve the best chance. Your statement should help

Your audience to see opportunities for:

- Add value to your tangible world

- Implement new ideas later

- Ability to accomplish great things

- Growing beyond the borders of their current status

Use it to extend the power of scale deepen, intensify and

develop character, abilities, skills and potential

his team – which is better for them.

————————————————– ———-

Dynamic vision statement, a promise

the most coveted in the world – if we include these 7

Elements, you’ll see your ideas in a project

beautiful version of a new reality.

Thomas Jefferson was one of the line, “Life, liberty and

pursuit of happiness “to describe his vision of a united Europe

States in the Declaration of Independence.

Jefferson certainly ideas sparked the imagination of many

People and their statements are transformed over time into a

reality. The best vision statements embody the ideals

most often shared by all parties.

If you find these ideals, if used, and Article 7

if you have your heart with his disciples, and you also

able permanent vision but to create inspiring.

Start a new vision for their own personal growth and

Future – then take action and realize their ideals

and help others achieve their dreams.

Do not lose people to give running a vision alive

beauty and the world will beat a path to your


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