gold coins , Hong Kong currency $0.5 coins

gold coins , Hong Kong currency $0.5 coins

A straight line is the money bet, if you put X amount of dollars for his team to win the game. If you bet $ 100, if you can not return, an additional $ 100, pay the judgment, but do not lose in terms of the point spread. This bet is attractive, because if you get a strong feeling that a team beat another team, but have no doubt about the outcome of the latter type of bet covers.

A bet consisting of points, if the manufacturer determines the opportunities to be Team A Team B of X number of points to overcome in order for Team A to win the bet. If you bet $ 100, the bet will be returned at least $ 100 more, but to beat your team needs to set the other team by the number of points from the possibilities of the manufacturer. This type of bet is attractive because it is a better return on investment that is worth starting, but is a bit risky.

Usually, time is experienced choose the bet with the points, as they tend to know more about the game, and the pay is higher. Among the money line straight bet is the safest place. Different strokes for different folks, but offer both types of Paris, its advantages … choose wisely.

The best teams in the first game of a series tend to win. Paris, a show for the network systems, however. But as the sport continues to insist on disadvantage, not always about winning, which is more probable, but the games have the greatest value in Paris.

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