given moving

given moving

Martingale management system is known in the game currency is used. I used to have to talk about it before, an article of mine in the management of money. This time, I must admit, my experience with the Martingale system.

   I knew this system, one of my friends. He convinced me to collect money betting on an online casino. He also showed his friends and other statements to me. At that time, I was attracted by the money, so I applied for an account and started playing cards with the Martingale system.

   Everything seemed perfect at first. I have a lot of money easily. The casino does not allow for a long period. I started to lose my money. All my gains have disappeared, my first capital was gone too. Finally, I stopped playing, but does not stop the Martingale system. It was not until I stood before the ruins of my trading account.

   How the betting system applies to my job very easy later. I just define areas of high and let the point where i. A trade Then I opened a position with a lot of money. The target point and minimization of losses for the established position.

   If I won the trade, I would go to another mall with the same amount of money. If I lose, I want to give a new job, but with twice as much money sooner.

   It happened again, everything was great at first, and I won often trades in a row. I never lost more than three times in a row. I trust this system of money management.

   Suddenly, a wine reduction. I faced a series of defeats, swallowed my trading account. Everything was gone. I had to start over.

   You might think that I was not good enough, otherwise it will not lose so many times in a row. You can feel much better than me, but he also mentions the risk of loss as well.

   I hope my experience will be an example for other operators. You do not need to put this experience itself. It takes time to save the commercial capital yet.


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