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The purpose of this paper is to help you optimize your mouse for Counter-Strike.

The two most important factors that come into play when deciding which to use the mouse to play and ergonomics are the number of additional buttons on the mouse. Part of ergonomics is obvious, gamers want a mouse that is comfortable to use and intuitive. Nobody can be good with the mouse, the user’s fingers are twisted so awkwardly. The second part is less obvious. Usually the right hand of a player with the main purpose / shot, which is actually an under, because all you need is a finger and wrist. This article is how to take advantage of the extra buttons on your mouse to maximize your gaming experience, while this manual which is a Logitech MX518, a multi-button mouse mouse1/mouse2/mousewheel different approach than the standard case.

The first is to change how the mouse wheel. By default the mouse wheel to rotate through the weapons. That’s pretty useless, because no one should use your mouse wheel to move to a new weapon. A much more convenient for the mouse wheel to jump. You may be wondering what the point of jumping with the mouse wheel when you can jump by pressing the spacebar. The answer is that it is virtually impossible to bunny hop while using the spacebar. It is much easier to bunny hop while using the mouse wheel. Enter the following commands at the console:

MWHEELUP bind “+ jump” bind mwheeldown “+ jump”

Note that always leave the space bar key to jump as normal. You must go to the mouse wheel to see if it comes to bunny hop.

The next thing to do to make the shells for easy access. Scroll down the menu of their shells repeatedly pressing ‘4 ‘may be a need boring and tedious, especially when running multiple enemies and you desperately need to flash immediately. Fortunately, you can choose to skip this step and immediately grenade you just press a button on the mouse. The best way is to assign a separate button on your mouse on any type of swimming. What button is assigned to which is added is based purely on the basis of personal preference. I personally SE mouse3 smoke grenades and stun grenades for use Mouse4 Mouse5. To do this, type the following commands at the console:

Use the link “mouse3″ “weapon_hegrenade use” bind “Mouse4″ “weapon_smokegrenade use” bind “Mouse5″ “weapon_flashbang”

What are the key to any type of grenade that is yours and does not make much difference. Another configuration is often not mouse3 and link to all the grenades and flashes are used to Mouse4 Mouse5, respectively, since most of the time when you start a smokescreen, is in a safe and Therefore, no precipitation in the trash. I suggest that you stick with the different options and try to enjoy.

Even if the mouse is not a MX518 and has more buttons, do not recommend that you connect to something for them. CS / CSS is a game where everyone could be around every corner, and you should always have your finger on the trigger.

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