Collection of Dice

Collection of Dice

It was not so long ago that children who are “new” Nintendo game console was an 8-bit or Sega system for Christmas the envy of every less fortunate and burned Atari were neighborhood playmates. As time has passed, has Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis, Turbo Graphix 16 and NES will be all the rave. Each person now in their twenties remembers the impressive progress in gameplay and graphics screen of the Nintendo 64 and the printing system Sega Dreamcast, and even more recently (only five or more years) the appearance of Microsoft’s Xbox, Nintendo Game Cube and Play Station from Sony.

The video game industry has made great strides in the last twenty years, made the slow, barely recognizable forms on screen original Atari games like Pac-Man, Calga, and Tron, sharp graphics and extremely life-like Tomb Raider, Splinter Cell, and Tekken, the Xbox and Play station. Now, just before Christmas 2005, Microsoft has the next step in the ongoing race for dominance of video games with the launch of the Xbox 360 The result is truly phenomenal.

The Xbox 360, like all video game consoles, is basically a computer with hardware and software dedicated to the function of the execution of video games. The original Xbox was pretty much just a PC with a Pentium III Microsoft Update, a powerful graphics and audio capabilities, and a modified version of the Windows 2000 operating system, all in a black box function.

This year, Microsoft has two versions of the Xbox 360: Xbox 360 and Xbox 360 Core System. The Xbox 360Core is “plug and play” is one that includes, in addition to the console, a controller and an AV cable. The Xbox 360 (and not the “base system”) comes with a wireless controller, cable HD AV cable, Ethernet cable, headphones, control the media remote and a removable 20 GB hard drive.

Although the idea that the original Xbox was a technological marvel, you must try it! As amazing and realistic the game was the first Xbox, Xbox 360 makes its predecessor look tired and worn. Microsoft built the Xbox from the ground. Named after the material properties, appearance, the Xbox 360 is a totally different machine and stronger than the original Xbox. Much more than a game console, the Xbox 360 is a full multimedia center that allows users to play online games with other owners of 360, rip, listen and download all kinds of media, including HD movies, music, digital images and game content, as well as DVD movies and audio CDs.

The Xbox 360 will revolutionize the gaming world. Microsoft definitely has a whole new standard in gaming technology.

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