While playing a computer game, you can rely on your desktop and shows an error message may appear, and found that the game was closed.

How to solve the problem?

A. Install the game 2 entries in the register of the game contains outdated information and outdated third Install the tools required fourth-Not enough memory 5 unsupported screen resolution

Install the game

Installed files should not be changed for the good functioning of the game. The error message that the game has encountered a problem can occur when the game installation is damaged. In that case you need to reinstall the game to fix the problem.

A. Click Start | Control Panel. Second Uninstall program | Click Programs. Third Select option 4 game. Click the Uninstall button to start the uninstall wizard. Fifth Follow it and restart the computer after completion.

The entries in the register of the game contains outdated information and outdated

This is the reason why most managers an error saying that the game has encountered a problem.

Many games have their settings, player statistics and relevant information in the registry. This information is used to retrieve and modify when the game starts. But information is damaged, outdated and obsolete in the record, we can say that the game to crash to the desktop with the error message.

Therefore, a log analysis is recommended. Install a good registry cleaner and PC optimizer software and correct problems in the registry.

Install Tools Required

A game can be a variety of tools such as Microsoft DirectX and Microsoft.NET Framework. The error message indicates that the game has a problem can occur when these tools are corrupt. You must reinstall these tools to solve the problem.

Microsoft.NET Framework and Microsoft DirectX is Microsoft’s Web site.

Out of Memory

It is possible that the error is called game theory has a problem can occur due to lack of sufficient memory set. You should consult the Readme file and make sure your computer has enough memory for the game or not. Installing additional RAM can solve the problem.

Unsupported screen resolution

Be sure to apply the resolution of the screen that the game supports. Use screen resolution is not supported, the game may crash with the error message that it has detected a gambling problem.

A. Read the readme file on the installation CD of the game is 2 Note the screen resolution is recommended. Third in the screen resolution of the desktop and select with the right mouse button. Select resolution Fourth Resolution drop-down list. Fifth Click Apply | OK.

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