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We are safe. Some bad roads in this country Let us examine some of them for a while, okay? How about toll roads in New York? But to be fair, the 101 and the 118 in California almost as bad as the earthquake Ridge North and Highway. Also on the I-10 East Houston all the way to Lake Charles, LA is absolutely horrible. Highways I-20 and I-30, in Arkansas are good that you do for travelers and trucks Wal-Mart.

There is no excuse for such paths in a modernized country and certainly no time for the United States of America, with the five largest economy number two. Remember also that it can be acceptable only shows that some people have never experienced anything better, is this cavalier attitude to these places and agreement to mediocrity live lasted for generations. Yes, we can repair roads and avoid equipment failures smoothly into a transport stream.

In these areas, we mentioned that to negotiate the traffic very bad because people slow down to 35 miles an hour in places, potholes, undulations in the road and constant beatings. The current offer for road projects is also due to supply minority mandate requirements deficient. The process is also defective HUB and the idea of ??quotas for minorities is a concept invitation politically correct, it is a wrong thinking. In fact, he has used and abused, and not even close to opportunities for companies run by minorities. The theory was sick, but now the public, it is loaded with several projects which, in the absence of agreement to make, take months or more years and for those who do not forgive and n ‘ have little return action.

All these delays cause choking, artificial bottlenecks, detours and ongoing costs for businesses that are passed on to consumers, as an additional tax on the company. After the Northridge earthquake had a business that hired a minority bidder black, as President did drive in a pick-up, the supervisor, to do anything more with the project name and the check was good Sure, a good salary. It turns out that it was black business for this type of contract bidders, except a man who could not, so he hired the construction company more experienced. That does not seem fair. Nobody talks about these things, but it happens every day in public sector contracts across America all for the sake of political correctness. It is a waste of money and poor rewards. The best person to do the job regardless of race or color. The stakes are high in our transportation infrastructure in America is requires some reflection of reality, not politically correct, is based irrespective of the performance risks.

Reality allows residence, and the streets, without all the merits and political BS. America deserves no potholes. Think about it.

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