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Preparing for PvP

By participating in player vs. player competition with players often state that allows you to keep alive (eg, strength and endurance) is undervalued and therefore exaggerate the statistics for you to have large crits (critical, power of attack or spell damage). Well, of course, players must always be able to harm their enemies, and be able to do so quickly enough to kill them. They also realize that when you’re dead, you can not kill them all!

It’s really hard trying to PvP with less than 10,000 health these days, and if you are a beginner and have no program at all you can about the health of the mark 7000. Also remember that players are living longer, more honor per hour per game and tend. If you stay alive as long as you get more honor, as they are about the most kills.

The next part of this blog will tell you how to get your team to compete in the scenarios and battlefields, now let’s talk about what statistics to look for when looking for gear for your character.

Resistance – What does it mean for you in PvP resilience three things today is World of Warcraft, and with the arrival of patch 2.4 are four things to do.

Reduces the likelihood that they are deeply involved in the attacks. For players of level 70 is the 39.4% reduction in power, a possibility of a critical hit by an attacker. Resistance reduces damage from all critical hits against the strike double the amount of the reduction of critical strike chance. Will damages, 39.4 resilience rating reduces critical strike by 2%. Resilience also reduces the amount of damage that damage over time effects. DoT effects are reduced by the same amount as the critical strike chance has been reduced. Thereby reduces the effects DoT Resilience 39.4 in 1%. New in 2.4 – Resilience also reduces mana drain effects in the same amount that it reduces critical strike damage. This reduces the consumption of 39.4 resilience mana by 2%.

As you can see, is a very powerful statistical resilience for PvP players. It not only reduces the possibility that he was beaten with a critical hit, but damage from critical hits and the effects of DOT.

Let’s break with real quick calculations.

Player 1 – Player 2 to zero the resistance of the resistance resistor 200 players 3-400

Let’s damage taken to 1000 every 2 seconds at 33% of critical hits that every third beat is a critical hit before he makes in the resistance. Note Incoming critical strike caused 200% damage before resilience factors have to calculate the DPS half inch a player of this simplified attack sequence.

Player 1 – Player 2 to 667 DPS – DPS will be 624, 6.3% in the resistance is not so. Player 3 – It will take 587 DPS, a decrease of 12.0% compared with no elasticity.

Although this does not sound like much, is to prevent damage to a player access. Players more to add, the more damage is reduced stress. Consider this against a team of 4 DPS 5v5 and this reduction is 12%, and how easy it is for healers to keep him alive.

Resilience is a valuable statistic for all classes, the load capacity is 400 universally recognized standard for high level players in PvP and should be everyone’s goal when they begin to develop scenarios and battlefields. For players who are starting to PvP 250 resilience is a good place to aim. Until we have reached at 200-250 resistance, most of the charm and gems to be his return to the perseverance and endurance.

Note that the reduction of the critical impact resistance at 25% to 492, corresponds to resistance is capped. Can take to mitigate DoT and the critical damage, but not the critical strike chance. At this point it would be very difficult to reach this point without statistics.

Resistance – What does it mean for you in PvP is a statistic resistance is often underestimated. Resistance is not entirely the power of resilience is but should not be neglected. Too often, I think trying to PvP players with less than 10,000 health, which is generally not good for them. When selecting a player on the battlefield to attack and regain their health to go to almost half after an auto attack and bleeding, I tend to remember this, your name and class.

They are easy prey, and I teach whenever I can. There are also players, health 14,000, have a great ability to always have to kill these characters. These players will be avoided if possible, just take a long time to burn, especially if they are a kind of healing as a priest or a druid restore discipline.

The standard for a player just beginning to PvP is 10,000 points. Upon reaching 10,000 points throughout the life of your gems and enchants should increase the strength and force to turn.

Resistance value and resistance increases Stats Damage As Many classes use a scoring system to make up statistics, so it can be compared to a comparable level. An example of this system is equivalent points of agility, which uses the rogue system to evaluate options, speed. This system has all the stats, including strength and endurance and uqates based on a value of one point of agility. Here is a list of values ??for the most common rogue AEP system.

AEP 1 = 1 Agi = 1.4286 Sta = 1.5385 Str = 1.6667 = 1.5873 = 1.5385 = critical hit 1.6667 AP = 1.5385 Haste = 6.6667 Expertise = 1 pen arm Resil

This means that one has the same mobility as a strength and resistance 1.4286 for a club you want to PvP will be evaluated. This system is ideal for road grading, allows the use of such gear to show how it works.

A similar system for all classes, excellent as a way to evaluate gear can be used.

Avoid too much never give up too much resistance and endurance. For example, do not lose spell damage 60, 40 to 15 spell power and stamina to win. This is sacrificing too much damage to make a little margin for survival.

Realize that still beat a lot of damage to the enemy, remember, you do not earn enough damage and attack power, or healing, in the struggle to maintain. While the strength and perseverance in the world will not save you if you can kill someone!

Complement Rating Buster is another good tool for judging the speed, an addon called Buster notes, this addon is to break all your stats in percentages. This is an assessment tool is ideal for all classes.

You can see that lists all the additional benefits of agility and flexibility, but also has a very nice relationship. This allows you to compare the characteristics of each piece of equipment in a room with the team, showing you what you won or lost. This allows you to make quick decisions on the computer to do an update or not.

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