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As you probably know, there are three candidates for this year, PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii.

Let the Wii in this, for now (not in direct competition with the Xbox and PS3, because it is an innovative family friendly “phenomenon” rather than a hardcore gaming console “Hi Res”) provides, if you mean accept the premise, then we will end with a shot directly between the Xbox 360 and PS3.

With all the fuss about the two consoles, can be a little confusing to know, have to buy that console. Both provide an excellent platform for games, in fact if you look at the graphical comparisons, there is little difference between the two, but if you look a little further, is now in my opinion, PS3 comes to mind.

Both just price reduction (Xbox) or modification (PS3 upgrade memory) has received a new Xbox 360 interface ready every PS3 has its own reception all set and ready to go, why pick on the PS3?

Call me old fashioned, but the system is terrible, that the power of the Xbox 360 is still a real turn off because it uses the device to store the actions Ghostbusters trapped look, I mean, it was necessary for the Xbox are more attractive very similar ( to do so), but still a piece hardware.OK ugly, is a purely aesthetic reason why we are now most pressing issues, and Blu-Ray is one of the most important.

Blu-Ray not only to pledge the future of home entertainment film, disks can save an incredible amount of information for game developers to be large enough to really push the boat. Support for the Xbox HD DVD and Blu-Ray does not have a huge mistake and would still have to buy an external hard drive to play CDs. Some reports indicate that Toshiba HD DVD is the biggest donor is no longer the production of records. We’re sorry.

Current rumors suggest that the future of Xbox is connected a Blu-Ray or the ability of an external Blu-Ray, but again, as if you tried to resolve the red rings of death, is not sufficient for later PS3 is already there and the Xbox is just catching up.

Has anyone mentioned red rings? So far, the PS3 is the recipient of all significant material matters that can not be said of the Xbox 360 three rings of death, follow around this huge console and digital, Ebola am fully aware that the Falcon chipset and Microsoft offer a good repair service that is both fast and efficient, but no amount of customer support, or three years will guarantee to change the perception that the Xbox 360 is a less reliable piece of equipment. Does not even matter if it’s true or not, is “out there” and like most things, that the myth still in the fight against the truth.

You may think this is a lot of nonsense for PS3, if that’s the case, then take a look at YouTube, which is getting a lot of videos, either ham fists offering home repair tips or console models, three lights, that not everything can be planted by Sony (or other?) Whatever the truth always – it does not look good.

Another feature that falls into the category of “Why not?” It’s the small matter of the PlayStation Network will cost nothing to operate, the user has a lot of PS3 DLC and specifications in line for anything, while the popular Xbox Live service will not cost you an annual fee, if Microsoft just bite the bullet and the free service would certainly be exploiting a gaping hole in the popularity of the PS3. C. “Nobody expects something for the digital age, Microsoft paid a bone!

Finally there’s the price down, and while it may be unfair to present the outbreak of the Xbox console to us with a very capable for little money, yet I can not resist, there’s something a little desperate fall, the price and to other than that, is just a smokescreen for.

The Xbox 360 Arcade brings the blockbuster label $ 199.99 / � 150.00 price, but by the time you need to add-ons that the console can be taken too seriously (hard drive, etc. make Xbox Live a fee) will, is not quite the bargain for first time buyers feel they have.

However, Microsoft has a huge increase in sales and reduced price for what I know you previously enjoyed? Missteps Blu Ray, the failure of three cycles, the online service that you have to pay … This is all the money in the bank to Sony and questions for once and for all by Microsoft.

As we approach Christmas everyone can sit back and let the fight begin, competition of this kind, is the point of all, a consumer view, and yet, I think the price cuts for the Xbox 360 can produce results of the credit crisis related to Microsoft, but for me, if you have the money have to be a PS3 … this Christmas at least.

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