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Book of Knowledge, or so-called ToK is registered or master list, which provides known online players and opponents of the war. With the discussion about this game, you will become familiar with the rewards that could be added to Warhammer player. This prize could be mushroom-shaped Warhammer Online Tome Tactics.

Line tactics volume of fungi include: Fetish

If players are attacked by the enemy, who will take the form of a monster of the greenskins, this tactic might be to take a step forward. Given the opportunity and ability to fight an opponent to 50 percent of enemy Greenskin compared with others.


Allows the user to be in the area before the attack as a major player in almost 50%. You should be happy, as any form of skills used against them, automatically 10% discount on their areas of action are really big cost.


Promises to get the P-line is green within 50% of its nearest rival, before the opportunity to launch an attack against the player. Also allows 10% reduction in P action, when all the possibilities of surgery is to be used against these monsters. Morality becomes faster in the amount of 25%, provided that constantly attacked by the enemy.

As a player unlock a tome tactic fungus? Warhammer players have to remember to unlock all tasks 2 is a tactical

First Destroy Boglash Honcho -

Along the southwest of the Marshes of Madness in the game at level 20

Delete second Lars Borg-

Achieved when the participant to win on line 5 Borglar ears

Third Clean Kezzen

Must be a participant in Matthew 20 Gunbad taken along the plane.

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