One of the things that people always ask me is how I can find a good broth. The answer, I do not like. I say: “You are not able to take action, you do not know how, so do not try, put your money in a mutual fund increases without charge …”

   Next is the cry: “I do not buy mutual funds What I should do.”

  OK, so I’ll tell you. It’s simple. You must be less than one hour of work. None of this mythology Wall Street research that is horse hockey. How Wall Street research is useless. And do not listen to each rider. The advice of a broker is a eulogy for your money.

   They want you to look at the company brochure. This document is not worth the paper it is printed. It was not written for the investor, but it was written. For inspection by Dilbert lawyer in Washington, to see that they happen to meet all the requirements you can pick up a brochure from a very good company and a. From a company that has gone bankrupt and you will see they are almost identical Jeter.

   Read the annual report. Another piece of smoke and mirrors. The title should say – Annual. Much of what is in a year. Unnecessary. And hopefully not a case of Enronitis.

   Obtain a report from Morningstar. They know everything about each financial statistics for a company that you can imagine. You can even know how many lumps of sugar CEO has in his coffee, but one thing you will not learn. When you buy shares of the company will be back? What I mean is that all research methods conventional wisdom is useless. So what do you do?

   Online you will find a list of top fund profitable investment. For or []. There are other places too, but these two are very good. List of five investment funds (characters). Now go

   Put in the center of the symbol. A table that will give a picture of the price changes of the Fund. If you are at an angle of 25 degrees or more, which means that the fund manager does a good job in picking stocks. Top of the table is a legend of the morning star. Click the new page that is displayed at the bottom of major holdings of the fund. Again, you need to get the symbols of their 5 best stocks to watch and the schema for each box. If this action is to have a stable price for a long period of 6 months or more have seen an increase winner. Do it with more money for you. Few actions that you have found love

   He left a professional stock picker all the work for you and is ready to take their experience, free of charge. Please note that if people want to sit for sale. You may be able to get one, but you never know if it will be another Enron. Always be ready to sell.


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