Poker - two pair

Poker – two pair

The Ring of Death is one of the most frequent questions that appear on the devastating and Xbox 360.

The reason for the Ring of Death

He knew that in the original production of Xbox 360 consoles, Microsoft, it was a great demand for the consoles, and I wanted to keep costs down and meet this demand. To do so, rendering some internal components of cheaper materials than it could have any. Furthermore, due to the compact design of the Xbox is too small, on the inside contain refrigerators it is necessary for the performance intensive content therein.

Was observed in one year with the launch of the public supports the cheapest materials, which were not with the heat shield and have been hit by excessive heat inside the brackets. Microsoft extended the warranty for all Xbox 360 for 3 years. About 33% of the original Xbox Ring of Death, which has fallen about 6% in the latest consoles.

How can you prevent the Ring of Death?

The area of ??the Xbox will remain on hold and airy.

Never play more than three hours and make sure you let it cool for at least 45 minutes between the two.

Do not block the vents and make sure it is not placed on carpet or other soft surface that may block it.

Do not leave your Xbox on, if you do not play.

Put the console in a horizontal position, as this is the derivation of the heat faster than it is vertical.

What to try when you get the Ring of Death

If the restart does not work, turn off and unplug all cables to and from the console. Also disconnect the power cord from the outlet. Then everything.

Then remove the hard drive as if there was nothing wrong with that, also shows the 3 red lights.

Finally, examine the light on nutrition. It should be green, even if you have the Red Ring of Death.

If you get the three red lights, you must send it to correct or troubleshoot Microsoft. See below for more information on a trusted repair guide for this question.

Other problems:

2 red lights

This indicates overheating. Let the console cool for several hours. Keep your Xbox from overheating, following the guidelines above.

4 red lights, the AV cable is not recognized. Try connecting again, or try a new cable.

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