If you are an online search for systems that are guaranteed to save you a lot of money on casino roulette tables do, you will find thousands of results. The sad thing is that 99.9% of these systems do not work. You can work for a while, maybe even a couple of weeks, but eventually you will lose your money.

The enormous paris The reason is because the majority of the system, where use can bet size doubles or gets a good size increases every time you lose. So if you miss out of luck and again, going to paris enormous amounts of each bet.

The most popular is the double bend. It is very popular because it is simple and looks good on the surface. Do not be fooled. This could be the worst possible system. The reason for this is that the size of your bet so fast that risk a lot more than you ever thought possible. Look at the numbers. If you start at $ 1 and doubled every time you lose, you have to make a bet of $ 1000 if not 10 times in a row.

I know what you think. What are the chances of me losing 10 times if I have the chance to win a 50/50 every time. Well, the odds are very high. Setting this system, you do a lot of paris every hour, so even if it is less than 0.1% chance of losing 10 times, what will happen. I see the roulette table hitting the same color in a line that is repeated 15 times. If this happens, you must cover $ 16,000 bet on the next bet.

What to do? To be honest, there is almost nothing that really works. The perfect system does not exist. If this were the case, the online casino would go bankrupt. However, there are systems that tilt the odds in your favor. These systems do not become rich, but unlike most systems means have to risk a large amount of money wagered. Make $ 25 an hour playing roulette is not that bad anyway. But if you have a system to ensure you can see hundreds of dollars an hour, I can assure you that this is wrong.

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