Puppet with monetary tree

Puppet with monetary tree

If you play poker, you probably think is a pretty good player right? Most players think they are better than their opponents? In fact, my feeling is that 90% believe that poker players are in the top 20% of their class poker game.

Consequently, poker players catch a disease. It is a disease caused by a need to prove how they play to see who are smarter and better than it sounds begin. What is suffering?

It’s FPS. Better than the syndrome known fantasy game.

Avoid FPS. If you’re one of those players that you are smarter and better than others not think badly of the FPS.

Poker players have big egos. It is speeding its capabilities and underestimate the power of its edges. Consequently, trying to play soft and back.

For example, the syndrome is play or imaginative play (FPS), means that instead of Paris, check, or rather, to verify that you raise or fold, instead of one. If you cheat and win a player, makes you feel smart, but often leads to a bad habit.

Not to be mean, sometimes tender. But try not to have much common sense, or are the hands that should win and lose more chips in pots or even write lose, you should.

And if you discover that an FPS player, to enjoy the style predictable. They are predictable because they are doing, means that calls hands contrast, large, which is in the Art of Paris, or nothing, and the control signal of a slow-motion playback.

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