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This is part 1 of a multipart series on a project to combat doping in this article, we describe the bill, what politicians say yes, some data on the current state of online gaming, and it offers actual accounts.

Lawmakers are trying to protect something, does it? It all seems a bit confusing to say the least.

The House of Representatives and the Senate to reconsider the question of the “line of play.” The invoices submitted by members of Congress Goodlatte and Leach, and also by Senator Kyl.

The bill for the Goodlatte representatives have declared intention to update the Cable Act to prohibit all forms of online gambling in order to accept an illegal gambling business credit, and transfers from and to force Carriers and ISPs to block access to sites related to gambling, at the request of law enforcement.

As does the Representative Goodlatte, Sen. Kyl, in his bill, the prohibition of financing of the Internet from illegal gambling is illegal does not work for game companies credit cards, bank transfers, checks and other payment methods accepted, but his statement to the placement of Paris.

The bill by Representative Leach, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act, introduced is essentially a copy of the bill introduced by Senator Kyl. It focuses on the prevention of gaming companies, credit cards, wire transfers, checks and other payments to accept, and how the Kyl bill makes no changes to current law.

According to Representative Goodlatte “Although gambling is illegal in the United States, and is regulated by the states, the development of the Internet is that the game is easily accessible. It is customary to operate illegal gambling companies free up” the prosecution and stop. “

In fact, U.S. courts have held that the Wire Act only sport in Paris illegally, then only through telephone lines. Very few states have laws illegal gambling online, do in some states and tribes have taken steps to legalize online gambling made, and the federal government some forms of online gambling recognized as legal.

Same Goodlatte said his bill “is illegal gambling by updating the law to the child from all forms of gambling among the states to cover and integrate new technologies. Clear in current federal law, either over the Internet to operate a gambling business is illegal. “

The Goodlatte bill is not “all forms of gambling state to state,” he says, but cut out the exceptions to the various forms of online gambling such as lotteries, horse racing and sports Paris of fantasy. Even then, changes in the law is not illegal, online games, make it illegal to have a business of online gaming to Paris, where a person risks something of value “for the outcome of a contest to accept others, a sporting event or playing mostly according to the occasion, “unless, of course, is not a state lottery, horse racing, fantasy sports or other situations.

The truth of the matter is that online gaming companies have located in other countries to avoid, above all, the gray area is the current status of online gambling in the United States. Consequently, there is little that the police can do to enforce these laws. Trying to make stricter laws and tougher penalties for not enforcing them more easily.

Furthermore, most if not all, refuse banks and credit card companies, money transfer to an online gaming company, under pressure from the federal government. Consequently, alternative payment systems emerged to fill the void.

Senator Kyl is misleading in their statements. His statement, “Internet gambling is primarily funded through personal use of payment system instruments, credit cards, bank transfers and.” But, as we know that most credit cards in the United States refuses to try to fund a game account

Also on the Kyl bill, “gambling on the Internet is a growing cause of debt collection problems for insured depository institutions and consumer credit industry.” If the credit card companies and other financial institutions in the United States does not allow the funding of gambling as it can be “a growing cause of debt collection problems.” And since when we need a law for the financial sector in order to protect high-risk debt. If the financial sector was to accept gambling debts and the charges were gambling a problem for them, simply could not accept to stop?

As Gooddlatte representative, the representative and Senator Kyl Leach carve exceptions to Paris in horse racing, fantasy sports and the purchase and sale of securities. Unlike Representative Goodlatte, however, exempt any Senator Kyl and Rep. Leach of a state ban on lotteries gambling online.

In the next article I will start doing some of the questions that politicians who are against online gambling lifted the lid, and a perspective different from his rhetoric.

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