horse 2

horse 2

I wanted to share with you one of the most valuable lessons my daughter taught me when I was 16 months old. I call this study “Cherish your wood chips.”

   Today was one of those days where you could not do enough to get. No matter how many times my pen to make a scraping element of the list of things – a new seemed to appear. But Samantha was not on his agenda.

   At 16 months of life are usually quite free. I sat in my office at home, regularly hitting a key on the keyboard, and came to my office door. She took her coat draped over his head, like a green goblin.

   “Samantha can not get out today. A hand, it’s cold, and secondly, I have too much on my plate.” One of her blue eyes, she looked questioningly at the bottom of the green channel. Then he went to the door and knocked on it. I realized that the work was unnecessary – he wanted to play.

   I looked at my watch, if we hurry, we can come back in 30 minutes, long enough to satisfy your needs with the outside world, without disturbing

   my needs in the inner world.

Together, hand in hand, went to the park, I was ready to take his favorite swing. Instead, he fell into a pile of wood chips. I was surprised in the middle and the frustration she examined each. Rotate. Try it. Feel.

   I sighed and took me in a monkey bar low. I do not have time for this, I thought. I did not say the words – but Samantha brought me here to swing. I have come to play here. And since we test chips – I thought that solutions could be better used at present. My list of things to do, I ran through my head: change clothes, the response by e-mail before completing problem pub meet Eric galleys, the end of the campaign of Ken-marketing, sending Scholastic kit .

   I let out a sigh and went to pick it up and bring it home, when a young boy approached. I saw how excited I was ran to him. Is proud of all – a smart hardwood.

   The boy smiled as holidays get each offer. As his hands were empty, running on multiple.

   The boy smiled. He was with his grandmother – and while their 62nd Changes stopped and pushed by the words “. We need to put in the bath, so you can come back and finish the dinner “

   They saw the child on the swing. It was like a silent communication. She knew he would play even better with wood chips.

   After ten minutes in the swing and a few glances at the clock, the grandmother of the young man and began the descent home. His gaze followed – and Samantha has no poker face – they were sad. He fell into wood chips and began to gather. One after the other. I had to fix for dinner. They were not even hungry. The only important thing was wood chips and whose splendor could understand.

   It saddened me a little of it there. Over time you cook dinner, you can have your own children, to wash in the park, laundry or consider a boss. Somehow, somewhere, you learn the limits of our world. But not today.

   As you saw, I realized that I could also grandmother and drag from the magical land of chips and take on the world of time and responsibility. But at that moment, I knew I needed these pieces of wood.

   So I went on your site. I am in my back, light-colored clothing -. Wet in a pile of mud wood chips, wood, your jeans, knees, my hands were immersed attention of every

   We throw on a necklace. The built in a tower. We put our jerseys. We play ball with them. We did it was pizza. One can imagine what they would say if they could talk. We smiled and smiled again.

   People thought the park with their dogs for walks 10 minutes, jumping more than 30 minutes of jogging. I’m sure they thought we were crazy.

   When I looked at the clock, two hours had passed. We had. As wood shavings in their hair and mud on the clothes, but I do not think any of us have never seen more beautiful

   He stood up, ready to go home. And I held your hand and walk together.

  When we got home – I took a pen and paper and wrote in large letters and in black: “Cherish your wood chips.” I stayed in my calendar next to my to-do list.

   Samantha, when I woke up this morning, I did not know I give you one of the secrets of happiness. When I woke up this morning, I did not understand the value of a chip.


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