Black cubes

Black cubes

John Kelly grew up in the southern suburbs of Chicago with an eye on the game, even as a teenager.

Therefore, never had an allegiance to the Cubs White Sox or developed.

“I guess that caused the game,” he said.

“I learned early on that I can not be one of them.”

Kelly, a spokesman for Las Vegas sports game now retired Larry Grossman has been since the last gasps of the old Las Vegas and see the birth of a new one.

During the past 16 years, coinciding with his arrival in 1990, Sin City, Kelly saw that the city has grown step by step, into a modern metropolis, cosmopolitan and international center.

“I do not think about the future, we will discuss some of the offers, bargains and value we’ve seen in the past to see,” said Kelly.

“But everything is relative.

“A hotel room in downtown New York, Chicago or Los Angeles will not be a bad deal for about $ 400 per night, $ 180 for a room on the strip.

“Everything costs more.

“Another thing is that you do not have to pay to park in the hotels.

“Anywhere else it would cost $ 18, $ 20 per night.”

On the other hand, complained that Kelly has Las Vegas, another progressive and aggressive play on the fact the Internet began to explode.

“I was not much insight into this area, but I’m disappointed that all rules and regulations we have here (as limits), many of our bettors were forced to go elsewhere,” said the organizer.

“Sorry, there was more creative.

“Ultimately, prices of football are just one example.

“You take what we have to offer and you know you can find a better price anywhere in the world.

“Another thing that has hurt the sport in Paris is the consolidation, as they have fewer branches and less to big jobs are.”

BA in journalism from Northwestern University will soon have no choice until the end of another era, which has the lot, to see personally involved.

Kelly has the four concerts, two of them, is dust in the wind, by the legendary Stardust Hotel and Casino Las Vegas Boulevard South is imploding this year and will eventually be replaced by something called Echelon Place, a 21st century structure, which is the season long revered in the shade.

Kelly is the morning program every day online Stardust from the treaty before the millennium and the headquarters of the popular competition football Stardust Williams invited all his 11 seasons co-hosts.

The first rumors were dust “adopted to provide customers with an invitation to 12 th and last, but Kelly has doubts.

Professing no knowledge of insider information, Kelly said he learned of the station does not accept hotel reservations more than 1 November:

“It only makes sense to me that if you have a hotel, you can fill with people, and if you do not accept bookings for the football season …”

Kelly said the invitation to Stardust in its early years was based on the major handicaps to give their support for the event through participation.

“The big problem was the time to get the names on the marquee,” says Kelly.

Keeping in recent years, however, be invited and disability as a feather in their cap if they did.

“I think the great thing about the invitation is that if you were a member of the local municipality Sports Paris is the place to be, it was Friday night,” said Kelly.

“It was the place to hide.

“People have taken seriously, but we had fun.”

Kelly organized a weekend of racing on the horse in the city of Sam and co-sponsored by the afternoon every day Leroy sports game with former running back Jimmy Vacarro – in the old time slot Grossman.

Leroy, who is guided by long-time Las Vegas gambling Vic Salerno, working more than 60 state money to bookmakers.

He hit the big leagues when he signed Vacarro, who once ran the Mirage sports book to serve as director of marketing.

One of Jimmy in the first place was to establish a soccer competition Leroy different stakes high and try to lure Kelly to the radio show host preferred.

Stardust, the first a word of power, but has since softened his stance.

“I think because the countdown has begun,” Kelly said, only half joking.

“Jimmy is easy to work with and how you see many things will happen.

“He’s very creative and progressive and had a great impact on the industry in the 90’s.

“The great thing about Leroy, that you are not a lot of notes and discussions.

“There are plans, but not a lot of paperwork to operate more freely.

“So many books .. the first drop … unions, potential litigation and things will never get off the ground.

“A Leroy, when Jimmy has an idea, only sees Vic.”

Kelly is defined as a player of the season.

“I find it hard to believe, out of season,” said Kelly.

“I am very weak in the NFL right now, but I ask the baseball or basketball.”

He said that the Mets and Red Sox World Series, mainly because of situations closure.

“I analyze baseball back in the ninth inning,” he said.

“This is how I feel now, but never found the White Sox and Astros last year.”

A self-Pistons-Spurs fan, Kelly has displaced Dallas playoffs in San Antonio have seen, but can hope for Detroit, removal to prevent me from Miami on Wednesday.

“Winning three games in the playoffs is difficult,” he admitted.

“But I saw it coming, to wear both the Pistons and Spurs.”

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