man\'s hand revealing four aces, isolated on white background ...

man\’s hand revealing four aces, isolated on white background …

In this article I will explain how to surprise gold farming. I had most of my gold farming – the process of killing the monsters come back again and again, his gold. I called fixed points, which I used for solid gains, so I’ve always wanted to see how my epic flying mount helped.

Spots agricultural lakes:

Westfall – This is a great place to kill Defias Trappers. You can find these guys on the west side of the field. The reason I like these guys, because shortly after they were killed, reappear. The dropout rate of Defias Trappers is about 35%, then you should be able to get a good amount of goods from them.

Azshara – Here you can find high-Bornes. I like living here because their agriculture is relatively simple – the Highborne spirits have no fixed roller assemblies, which means that there are plenty of extras to drop if they are dead.

Eastern Plaguelands – In fact, there are a couple of monsters that can kill in this area: Mossflayer Zombies, Plaguebats and acid sites. The zombies are weaker and reappear quickly – you can find them in the crypt. Plaguebats are everywhere in the Lands of the Eastern Plaguelands and tend to have a high dropout rate. They are great, because sometimes they give up before the eyes of evil bat sold for up to two pieces of gold.

Important things to consider:

Although these major strategies for gold on the farm, there is a great disadvantage. The above tips are extremely tedious. It takes many hours to make a few gold pieces, and if taken seriously, the right equipment or do not want to deploy, set aside much of his time. Personally, I want aspects of the game I loved to play, not too repetitive actions over and over again. I became a professional guide for gold, because the strategies which are made of gold seriously, do not you may have to do it all the time.

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