luck in the game

luck in the game

Zuma, however, all you have to do is to connect three or more balls of the same color, and possibly clear the game board as a whole. Sounds easy? Well, the saying goes, easier said than done. Zuma Revenge adds a few tricks to make the game more interesting than a lot of other games in the genre.

PopCap will ensure that everyone who plays Zuma Revenge is enjoy the game. For the frequency of a frog become a hero? Well, aside from being kissed by a princess from time to time. You should go down to 10 steps at a time, and then fight the boss of this island. Once defeated, they can to the next island and repeat the process (that is, if they can).

Each step is much more difficult than the last. You must ensure that the minimum error possible. If possible, not wrong at all. Here’s a tip to win at every step “not just randomly shooting the ball where you want.” Accuracy plays a central role in this game. You must make sure the ball to land to take you exactly where you want to land.

To help overcome these levels are power-ups. They can be identified as brightly colored balls. Just make sure at least three colors connect the same to activate their effects. You have to conquer the simpler levels. Once the balls reach the keyhole with a skull, the game will eat your frog.

Strategically place the balls of great help in this game ended. Shoot as fast and accurate as possible. The balls are not expected before. As you need to record, faster than the balls reach the keyhole.

There are 6 levels of 60 heads be conquered. End of the adventure is canceled two new game modes. These modes are “Iron Frog Gauntlet” and “Heroic Frog mode”.

Iron Frog Mode is the hardest game mode. It has 10 levels and there is no room for error. Heroic Frog mode, will be familiar to the other side. Why? It is more or less the same levels that complicates played adventure mode. The movements are faster than Ball and Heroic Frog mode, can not afford to make mistakes.

Zuma Revenge is a must for casual players. Not only provide fun and joy, it is also the culmination of its kind One can not improve.

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