Skittles with ball. Blue and grey series

Skittles with ball. Blue and grey series

There are times when you can take your World Cafe employees that are not there. What this story at all? Well, this can be a big problem, since coffee works like a real restaurant. What usually happens is that customers not served up and go. Some of the most common reasons why employees can not serve properly.

If the design is confusing to the design, the server will not be effective in all conditions. When this happens, there are many customers who sit and wait too long, to leave the cafeteria. This may be to try some different table plans can be overcome. One way to ensure that the child is in the service tables caught in the middle of the table configuration. When captured by the tables not only to ensure that achieve at least one side of the table trying to serve.

If the server does not have access to at least one side of the table, the customer is not served. You can also try to place the grill and serving dishes. This can sometimes lead people to stay too long in the wrong place. Since the channel is free, the server must serve food. Be sure to update this information when changes are made to the design of the table. Otherwise, the changes can not take root.

Employees As in the real world, there are people who prefer to be elsewhere. Have an employee who does not walk in the task at hand and do not do their work is. You can tell them that their job is on the line, and see if they improve. Try to cut a couple of hours if it does not work. The dismissal of employees is always an option, then you can try hiring and see if that helps.

Personal support There are times when staff need a break. Make sure that you relax and let the staff occasionally. It also should be fed too. The absence of adequate treatment, when it comes to food and rest is to relax in their tasks.

Table design rather the most common reason for admission World Cafe employee, other than. It’s best to start here before dismissing employees.

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