Poker - one pair

Poker – one pair

Never underestimate the power of the pink book, not the purchasing power of our gay community, but women whose disposable income is becoming more seriously lucrative court with many online gaming sites.

Tied with greater autonomy in their personal lives and fewer women of the responsibility of marriage and children, have their purchasing power increases at a rate that not only sound “checkout line, but also those that were to happen to women freedom you want. With online gaming now a core business, the trend is also seen more women, lead in the game of online poker. We need to know only the growing number of gambling sites catering exclusively to women who will be the market. see

Until recently, the boom of online poker was thought to be an arena for men under 10% of players in a casino poker game to be typical of dominant women. But industry experts of online gambling have recently begun to study the development of Internet poker, which led to the general rise of online poker sites. Two studies in the United States reveals interesting and unexpected revelations regarding the demographic development and overall appeal, and the popularity of online poker.

Surprisingly, studies, one conducted by PC Data “Spotlight on Games” show that over a third of the wives of online poker players’, and women play the fastest growing segment of the population of online poker. The studies also showed that an overwhelming majority of players prefer to play poker poker sites online. In fact, only a fairly regular basis, each of the 6 women poker online poker!

When Paris online matures, many of them performed about casual games, which become popular with female players. In fact, despite male dominance is that online gambling, women play an important role. Recent figures show that this approach is about 47% of all Internet users were women.

Online game provider therefore must take into account the players if they maximize the whole package and in turn increase the value and loyalty of the players are. It seems that, although men are currently facing their female colleagues in online games, players are rapidly progressive women’s issues to become one of the most powerful demographic groups and to gain a few years are the most intelligent of the group based on.

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