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playing cards

If you want to play the best online slots, three of the world’s largest brand of play that really worth your time and money. We refer to the Irish “Rainbow Riches”, the popular Zuma slot and “Monopoly Pass” GO slot game online sensation. “These fun and entertaining games offer players many combinations of profits, bonuses and win great prizes instantly. Lets look at these games …

   Rainbow Riches slot

The fist game, let’s talk about Rainbow Riches is a great slot machine pays 20 lines, the three bonus rounds that can seriously increase your bankroll is. This popular slot game can be played to win for only 1 penny per spin, or up to $ 400 for a chance to win a massive � 200,000 in a single round.

   If you receive a minimum of three symbols on the reels pixie, you can walk to Riches bonus. This bonus will multiply your bet by clicking on the collection, how to move and hit the road at all times.

   There is also a brief message, the bonus of three bonus symbols landing Wishing is enabled on the reels. You can choose to explore one of the bonus symbols Wishing how to multiply your bet.

   And if that was not enough, there are pots of gold bonus round is activated, if you have three pots of gold symbols may end up in the middle three reels. Choose a pot luck Multiply your bet and withdraw your winnings.

   Zuma Slot

Zuma’s location is another popular game to try. This game is known in the PopCap game is based and you will be happy to know that you can earn up to � 500,000 – no kidding! You can play, explore this fantastic machine for every 1p temples and fantastic prizes hidden and some serious benefits.

   One of the great features of Zuma round slot bonus free spins you get visible through at least three or more Scatter symbols on reels frog. This will activate the free bonus spin Zuma, choose your boss Tiki opportunity to build more free spins and collect more bonuses. There is also the option to play their profits on the reels Gamble and betting on a victory.

   Another symbol of happiness Zuma find wild bonus. This symbol can multiply your stake up to ten times the original amount, if you build a winning line with the Joker. But that’s not all, the wild symbol and multiply each of the paylines. If you build more than one payment in line with this icon will give you the opportunity to earn more profits

   Monopoly Slot

Last but not least is the online game Monopoly Slot feeling. Based on knowledge of the popular family board game, all of us, this online version comes with high performance and a wealth of bonus rounds.

   This slot machine game can be played highly interactive 2p in every line and every time you pass “GO”, you will see your game to grow. If you get three bonus symbols on a payline win dice, you have to roll the dice to move on the Monopoly board and earn rewards as you go.

   If you fall at least three bonus symbols instantly reels, you get a Community Chest Instant Bonus for a chance to multiply your bet. Choose one of the animations to discover as much instant bonuses to increase your bet and hit.

   Whether you’re a casual gamer or big fans interval, three slots are guaranteed to provide hours of entertainment and attractive benefits. Rainbow Riches slots Monopoly Zuma are three excellent bang for your buck, and you can join the fun for a chance to win big cash prizes, even if you bet small. Do not forget to check these online games and have fun.


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