In Aion, NCsoft MMORPG that was introduced in Europe and North America in late September, there are four classes to choose dictate the strength of character and skills for the rest of the game. These classes are Warrior, Mage, Priest and Scout. However, their decisions are not everything. At level ten, players will be forced to choose between two subclasses within each class, to further differentiate and ENTER to select characters. Each subclass has its own set of specialized forces.


Tutors and Templar: Warriors are divided into two groups. The guards are the easiest way. These characters are highly dependent on their physical attacks and are skilled in a variety of weapons and combat techniques. Templars are a selection a bit more complex, the use of both a sword and a shield. As a subclass rather defensive, this war songs and spells to heal or protect itself and its allies. However, they are mainly fighters.


Mages choose between two categories: Master Magician and mind. A sorcerer developing a diverse amount of magic, as the game progresses. They come from the management of the elements of water, fire, air and earth. Master Spirit will also come to dominate the elements of water, fire, air and earth, but they are not the invocation of spirits. After the game’s official website, this class is to master one of the most difficult in the game.


Scouts are silent murderers of Aion, and the gap between the two sub-classes only occurs when the player decides how he or she wants to use stealth character. Two subclasses: Ranger and murderer. An expert archer ranger. Yet with a bow, a Ranger and daggers and swords. When selecting a watch, make a sign of the Health Statistics. A murderer is equipped with stealth and without primary rainbow rangers users like their cousins, their attacks can be so unexpected. They are deadly, unpredictable and maintain statistical power.


The priests, and conjure up images of peaceful healers are probably the most complex characters in the game, and are divided into Clerics and Chanters. Clerics are mainly healer. Not only strengthen repair damage to their allies, but they also reinforce the other characters and fight. When participating in a lonely battle, the priest is also a powerful melee. Chanters can heal, but his most important contribution is to drag allies strict sense of discipline. Chanters use mantras and songs to lift the morale of his allies, and influence the outcome of your battles.

When you select a class in the first place is an important decision, the choice is a subclass determine how each player plays the game for the most part is approaching. Weigh each option is important to experience Aion.

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