Cute Harlequin

Cute Harlequin

The first thing to do is make sure that the square below on the right is white or clear. If not, you have to start over. To begin the set pieces with corners. Ravens are in the four corners. Then come the knights, the knights are placed next to the towers. Then the bishops put on the card next to the Knights. Then there are the queens. Check always placed in the square of the same color. Queen Blanche and the light enters the box white or pale. The queen is dark instead of dark.

Next, place the kings to get to Queens. Finally, add the pieces to all other parties. Now that you have all the pieces in place on the board, you are ready to play chess! Remember that when the square is in the lower right corner is not white or clear, you have to start over and get your card. We hope this has helped to facilitate the installation of the board. Chess is a game very challenging and fulfilling, we hope you enjoy the game, whether you want to be a chess champion or just for fun. It is important that you properly at first, and is the most basic and most important in the game of chess, as the board. We hope this article has helped you with the basics.

How do I move the pieces.

The king is the largest room with a cross on top. You can move one square at a time, but can not move forward, backward, left, right and diagonally.

The powerful chess queen piece is a crown. Like many fields, he wants (without jumping to another room) to move. It moves diagonally, vertically and horizontally.

The bishop is a bishop’s hat are AFTER two. You can not move diagonally without jumping all the other characters. A bishop is initiated in a light field on the other, a black square.

Knight-It looks like a horse of this piece moves two spaces forward, backward, left or right, then a space left or right to an “L” to do. This is the only chess piece that can jump piices other failures.

Tower This piece looks like a castle. The pawn moves forward, backward, left and right as many places they want, without jumping to another room.

Pawn-These items will be placed before any other. The first sentence of the blank may be two spaces forward, then a space at a time when the rest of the game.

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