Cute Harlequin

Cute Harlequin

First you must know what type of people playing strip poker. Surveys of the game is very popular between 18 and 30 years old! As expected, there are some women playing strip poker too! Students with more liberal attitudes are most likely to play strip poker can be found, in fact, almost all universities and colleges throughout the Western world is sure to be a school strip poker game to weeks.

The most mature adults do not play strip poker as well, though usually in small groups of four to six friends were playing, couples often play the game for fun in the privacy of your own home.

The origins of strip poker. There is very little information about the history of strip poker. He rose to fame in the 1900s in the center and through the fifties, sixties and seventies, gained a following of increasing, especially among students and people under 30. It is a specific date for the invention of the unknown band of poker, the rumors suggest more liberal poker player who removes his clothes, when he lost all his money, and drunken men literally lose your shirt. Some suggest strip poker was a game of poker of the first, played before money was involved, although this is usually not taken seriously.

Why do people play strip poker? There are two main reasons why they play the game of poker fans Volume

1 Rarely plays with friends, no one completely naked and is considered very funny, you can play after a party where alcohol was involved.

2, played more regularly with sexual intentions. Swinger parties are known to organize Strip poker games such as “breaking the ice” on the night before explicit the past. The game here is certainly not at the forefront of the minds of the players.

In both cases, the focus is with the heart the light of nature, if the beginning of the end of a night,. Willing to participate just for fun

Strip poker rules. The basic rules of a game of strip poker losers involved removal of clothing, while the winners will receive their friends naked or semi naked to see. Basically there is no money in the game is played and the game is still in the spirit of fun, even if not for the prudish!

There are several ways that a game of strip poker can be arranged, the most popular:

A minimum of four players. A deck of cards (52 cards). A good place to play (a table with good visibility).

A simple game of poker, such as 5 Card Stud and Texas Hold ‘Em is a game of strip poker big. After the game is over, the loser has to undress. If a person is naked, put them back and it should open the game as possible. Needless to say, is the worst poker player ever naked most of the time, so guys, invite friends, who have knowledge of poker little or no girls and accept an invitation to study poker.

Strip poker, how to play behind closed doors with consenting adults in the world in general is a legal deadline passed, but if you are unsure, you should organize your local laws before checking for a match.

Places to play strip poker.

Almost always in the bedroom or maybe a couple of house / apartment. If you are single and perhaps less likely to be invited to a party strip poker is less likely to participate, which broadcasts the Internet poker rooms. This is almost always pay per view websites and compared with a model of one-on-one game, then if you do not have a webcam, it is not difficult to deceive, but we suspect that the intention is that the users the band to this beautiful nude model to see.

If you have a webcam, you may be able to organize a game of strip poker with webcam friends, but we advise caution! If your friends are more prudish in nature, may take note of your suggestion.

Remember to have fun playing strip poker. Do not take the game seriously and try to play in a good mood. So let’s have fun.

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