Female hands rakes up stack of gambling chips

Female hands rakes up stack of gambling chips

Resident Evil 4 may be most of the Resident Evil franchise expected. It extends the concepts introduced in its predecessor. Although woven plot and content of other spin-off games, however, a monumental work, Resident Evil 4 is known, the longest (so far) to be in terms of development. It was released in 1999 and went through a total of 4 iterations before its release in 2005.

The series begins with Leon Kennedy (one of the survivors of the Raccoon City incident, and one of the main protagonists in Resident Evil 2), now a member of the U.S. Secret Service. Leon is assigned to take on the job, the job is not as enviable recover the President’s daughter, who has disappeared.

Leon is in Spain, where he discovered “The Pest”, a viral disease that is becoming the inhabitants of a small rural town of some unknown remote slaves. To kill and avoid seeking the recovery of the president’s daughter. His goal, because it is controlled by an organization as “The Illuminati” known are infected with “Pest” and return to the United States, infection and government have a power base so unstoppable in the United States.

However, Leon ended his rescue and managed to eliminate the disease from the blood. The series ends on a high note on his return to the United States intact.

The game has been hailed as a great cross-genre piece that introduced many new fans of the genre. It was a commercial success, and worth the time to develop.

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