poker chips

poker chips

If you play World of Warcraft, they are aware of the importance of gold in the game. Some people seem to getting a lot of gold, while others are always poor. What is the difference between the “haves” and “have-nots”?

Spend gold on the wrong item

In WoW, many things cost money, or rather the gold, silver or copper, the currency used in the game,

When you learn something, you pay for it. At first, the prices are very low, but even if your skills in a trade is around 350, only have to pay 9.10 gold for each new article, you will learn to design.

Along with the award, to be used for the team to produce the charged object, or when to farm the materials themselves.

Then there is the armor and weapons. If booty, gold will cost in the auction house, or if you have to pay someone to do it for you.

So it is very important to know where you spend your gold because you need a lot of it.

Think ahead before deciding to buy something.

It’s a waste of gold in the armor that is already outdated to buy. You can see where it is, and if you’re level 70, you should not buy the equipment level 65, because you have to buy again soon in this case.

The same applies to the bags. Do not buy small bags if you can make it bigger. You will need it later, and in most cases, you can not sell the old bags for a fraction of the price that you provide to a dealer.

Find out what you need. Some classes require intelligence, strength, agility Moreover, other resistance. Find out what you need and buy weapons and armor that these qualities. If you have not, you will die a lot, you get hit hard enough or well enough to heal, and need to buy new equipment soon.

Investing in the right items

Well, as I mentioned, do not leave, their gold. Well, quite the opposite.

Buy the best equipment available for your level, and it will take a long time. Buy Tote Bags, and no need to replace them in the future.

Invest in education. Riding lessons, if possible, and go faster and fly, if possible. To save time, while you more gold, and if two people are alike my place, get the one with the best first cut.

Tell the person you are.

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