cigar and playing cards

cigar and playing cards

We all read, right? One of the problems encountered while browsing any website that has a title and tackle controversial news / products. Take the recent debacle Killzone 2 for example. I do not care articles written before the game was released, and you are bound to be highly speculative, but published later (two weeks after the demo and months after the beta), it continues to receive items if hate all decent players think, regardless of the feelings of personal preference or brand loyalty, we can say that this is a good game. And not just about Killzone 2, which passes all major publications in the past year as well (well, maybe not so much), and Gears of War 2, Resistance 2, Little Big Planet, and so on. Note something here? Yes, they are all unique!

So what that tells us? Hey, this is not a big secret, a war happens between the PS3 and Xbox 360, and this is written in the product resist. We compare multiplatform games as sites like I can not get enough, but the real deal is exclusive. At the end of the day, are exclusive games that can tilt the balance of one or the other. That’s why they are often very popular among the masses DOS because she was pregnant, not only performance, but are the consoles “and competitors.

The authors take this praise Avantaje writing articles or landing and sometimes amazing to gather much attention from the audience, but do you know what is best? You just need something very crazy shit they write and how people also, that this is the only reason I wrote this article in particular is always the focus. Do you know how the saying goes, there is nothing written about taste, or a challenge, but if someone says the earth is flat, you’re bound to attract attention, whether c is positive or negative.

Is that what they write all these items only “care”? Of course, no money involved and brand loyalty, too! ;) But I think the real reason is simply that attention. However, we can call these expressions journalism articles? After all, are not objective and does not really contribute anything to the community … My opinion is that these objects give us exactly what we want: the controversy, speculation and debate on the matter of taste. They are written only because we want to write. So expect hatred, fuck suck, and sort items in the surf, learn all about the upcoming exclusive high shot, what is the console.

When all is said and done, the players just want to play and have fun, which is what we see in the game and all the value “cash paid for it. These items are not helping us give a fair description is based on a game ( to see if we like it or not), and extensive research base, so you can justify the $ 60 out of our pockets for them. But as much as I wanted to leave, as fanboys and thrive these elements are given attention seeking, I fear that they will stay here in order.

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