The lucky game

The lucky game

Seventeen players were arrested for their involvement in corruption player, manager and coach. Fifteen people were arrested players from Germany, two from Switzerland. With the arrests, police seized about $ 1.48 million in cash for 50 laps covering the whole of Germany, Austria, Britain, Great and Switzerland. Looks like three games in the Champions League with the objectives of this agreement are match fixing.

   Peter Limacher, head of the discipline of European football body UEFA said: “Without a doubt, this is the biggest scandal in paris history of European football.” Research conducted by German police on that. Corruption corruption at all levels sections, rather than officials had initially planned UEFA, declined to identify the suspect or view the game in question, such as research continues. In more than three sets of games in the Champions League, the Europa League twelve games also seems to have suffered the scanner.

   Players clubs in England, Italy, Spain and France are not suspected huge salaries that make it likely to accept bribes. Consequently, Barcelona, ??Manchester United, AC Milan and Bayern Munich is not assumed that a portion of the match-fixing scandal. In contrast, second-tier clubs are involved with clubs in Germany and Turkey tops the list. This extension of corruption seems to have surprised the official UEFA. But Friedhelm Althans Bochum police chief, that it is only the “tip of the iceberg.”

   To solve the game, the game will sign said extortion used in addition to the exchange of money. I could more than a few players, referees or coaches who have been caught in situations that were potentially embarrassing to withdraw if the word had have bought, they have been blackmailed into throwing games in return posters silence.

   In addition to the scandal that has rocked the world of European football, there are more than concerned cartels based game in Asia and match-fixing in the lower leagues. The authorities suspect that as dark paris games that are worth millions of dollars seen! Thus certain groups of paris escaped the police. By focusing on the player part-time professional football, but those who play in the major leagues, players earn a lot of money.

   If the major players in the professional football league and officials, as well as smaller players and clubs are all part of the linkage game that came out? If corruption is at the top and bottom, then become like muddy football game? Gone are the days when players wore football uniforms simple and gave everything he had when he took the World Cup jersey to represent their country as ambassador worldwide. How times have changed …


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