money and dice

money and dice

Update in WoW can be a lengthy process. The choice of talent or bad “Spec” and you’re headed for a headache.

I want to return to the basic skills for all classes to help you more quickly. Remember, this is to make the most of the solo is based. By increasing the level of a group of people, it is not necessary to read it, because it is not relevant, and you probably already know. His role in the group

Note recommend data are there because they are useful for the first time and increases the refresh rate. Certain classes at certain points to move to a different specification, such as to be capable of some talent available at that level. I will not go into detail in this article.


Shadow Priests do not doubt that you will level up faster. Place your first points in mind, and playing randomly around the remaining points that you think is appropriate, in the shadow of the whole tree is a DPS of large trees.

First, for the first 20 levels of your memory is your best friend. At level 10, you will be your major mental attack nuclear weapon. Assault on Shadow Word pain mental magic wand and the aim should be dead. At level 20, you have whip, turn back on target, Mind Blast, Shadow Word: Pain is mental torture (to death).


Some will argue with me on this point, but I prefer the fire, 50 fire at DPS in the first batch. Frost is great, but the speed of spell power of DPS very high. 3 or 2 fireballs fireballs and Fire Blast NPC objectives and most died in the early stages.

Help a priest wand level faster you were created because chopsticks by charming, can mean DPS.


Grief is the best first level, because the utility of talent immediately.

You get extra damage from them, unlike utility talents in other trees.

Some people get to level 50 and to respect their Felhunter Demonology.


Improvement or basic specifications are two good improvement. I prefer better because you can still kill you if you do not have much mana reduce downtime.


Preferred leveling spec arms. Fury is good, but the later levels when you have access to the best 1h weapons. Fury is highly dependent on the speed, if you do not already have good weapons and the attack is weak, has less damage than an arms race with a decent 2h.


Compensation is nowhere near leveling spec. 2h weapons do more damage and have access to the most useful skills in the speed of kill in revenge.

Death Knight

There really is no “best” leveling spec for Death Knight, because it starts at level 55 yet, but before patch 3.1 Most people prefer the wicked, after the review, which will become more updates frost death knight.


The fight will be widely regarded as the fastest rise to a criminal. With swords or maces, while not as fun as daggers (since basically just some spam attacks as combat), certainly kills faster leveling.


Mastery is the recommended specification. Your pet tank for you while you are learning, things with little or no damage significantly accelerated leveling and reduces the time for almost nothing.


Wilder is the preferred specification. Killing quickly is how to level fast and that makes this specification. Later, in the balance of the game that people can spend a lot of DPS to do, but there is nothing in the first half of the tree as useful as the wild tree.

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