Grandson looking at senior couple play a game of backgammon

Grandson looking at senior couple play a game of backgammon

Virtually all Asian countries currently consider or reconsider their views in relation to the gambling industry. In the first round, is the fact that the benefits of a casino and other gambling establishments in countries where it is increasingly legalized with the budget provides the necessary liquidity and increase the attraction, and these countries.

Asians spend on gambling, with some 14 billion dollars a year. It includes a casino game racing and betting, lotteries and accountants and all sorts of illicit Paris. In 2010 is expected to spend a year at 23 billion U.S. dollars. Initially interested in the game by Asians is available determines the way people think. Play a game of chance, not only that they are trying to make money – to check their fate, luck, destiny. The fast-growing economies in Asian countries, the swell of the population (especially China), growth in tourism are also responsible for the growing demand for gambling.

The authorities are aware of it, we know that the game industry is profitable for them not only attraction in the budget as income and employment for citizens, tourists added. Speaking of Macao, a Chinese enclave, where casinos are legal and are the main source of tax authorities, more than 10 million tourists that arrive with the main objective of the game, no money, not only in competitions, but also for the other services. There is also an important advantage for the state. Today, many people that if the casinos should be legalized so they must be centers of great entertainment – with shops, cinemas, restaurants, exhibitions, etc.

The fear with regard to social ills that somehow or other because of gambling prevents the state of all steps in the review of the law of gambling business, some governments want to reduce the negative social impact by limiting the access of residents of the casinos and casinos the remoteness. But what, according to experts, there is no way out of the situation, because Asians are playing facilities, simply adventurers in illegal gambling.

What about success in countries where stricter laws have been established for the business of gambling. Or there is always an opportunity to reach a neighboring country and leave because of money. Thailand is particularly illustrative here are the casinos are prohibited, bordering on the territory of neighboring countries of Cambodia, about 20 casinos in hopes of Thai adventure.

Proponents of legalizing casinos and other gambling for real money, the state that people with gambling problems they have. In fact, after legalized casinos problems come to the surface. And, of course, is better than ignorance of what is happening.

To understand the influence of gambling business on the population in many Asian countries studied in recent years, representatives of authority in the world of entertainment centers such as Las Vegas and Atlantic City, is secured, the need and the inevitability of the legalization of casinos. The Asian market for games is claimed by almost every major casino operators. “These are two companies that own the mega-resorts in Las Vegas, and European businesses, South Africans and Australians.

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