vintage poker cards

vintage poker cards

Street Fighter 2 contains some of the best music ever composed for a video game. For anyone who has never played SF2, or that only the latest version of the series (as Street Fighter. Capcom Vs SNK or Alpha) played, missed a great piece of gaming history. Despite the SNES (the game was first released) (now in CD quality in comparison, as we are used to it) with a fairly basic audio output, Capcom managed to play sound exciting and Song, performance is of great music comparing some other games that are released simultaneously.

They sent me home the other day, when my friend told me a compilation of music from Street Fighter 2 SNES game original. I could not believe that I knew almost all the songs you sent me, and began to wait for the memories to return. Each step is that each character (for example, a U.S. Air Force Base and Guile Blanka level as the Brazilian fishing village that his plane) tailored to the nationality of the character and style of the base. Each character has to clean their “level of the house”, and the music of each level is reflected in it.

All Street Fighter 2 game music are my two favorite songs from that. On the scene of Ken and Guile on stage music Listen to Ken level felt like a kid again – so excited if I play Street Fighter 2 is used.

Street Fighter 2 music is now part of the folklore of the game, and not only produce the Capcom beat the most successful, well-balanced and fun ‘Em Up games of all time, but also produces one of the best soundtracks of all times.

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