PSP is in the market for some time, but fans still have many questions about how to download movies .. Today I will walk through this process is very easy. You can watch your favorite movies in no time to download!

The first thing is to get a memory card to download movies to your PSP. I personally recommend getting 1GB to download if you have enough space. You can still have 256 MB of RAM should be sufficient for many downloads.

The second thing, you must transfer in a position to files from your computer to your PSP. You need a USB cable. This accessory is connected between the PC and PSP. You can use the USB cable at any electronics store, and relatively inexpensive to buy.

Remind the third and very important details before downloading PSP movie, is to make sure you have the correct version of firmware you have. Must be version 1.5, or you will not be able to play some media files. If you have a newer firmware, you need to reduce (if greater than 1.5) before starting the download process.

Finally, we are in favor of transfer, Ta-da! Done. Now that you have to do is:

a.Open folder on your computer where all the files in PSP. PSP folder where all files must be transferred

c.Using mouse to drag and drop selected files to the PSP.

IMPORTANT! If you’re not paying attention and upload files to the wrong place (folder), your movies will not work. So pay close attention while doing so.

Now, when you have finished downloading the movie PSP, you have to disconnect the USB drive of your computer. You do this to the little green arrow at the bottom left to find on the desktop. It is important Remove USB devices. If not removed properly, can damage your PC or USB device.

Now you are ready to go all the way to record movies on your PSP. Select the file and you should be prepared to see movies!

I hope these instructions helped you download PSP movie.

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