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Lotto knowledge can be acquired through dreams. I’m not talking about nightmares and dreams. I mean normal nightly dreams we all have. In fact, every night, everyone dreams. Then take advantage of this gift. Used to manifest your dreams as a tool for your wishes. She dreams of a successful new language of thought. We tested hundreds of times before writing this article. These dreams can be useful in. creative your mind to it and is used regularly sure you get what you almost all the time.

How do you prepare?

Get enough sleep. At least seven hours. Before going to bed with you to take a notebook and pen. Put your hand to be easy to communicate with her in that position. For information about Lottery through your dreams, you have the alpha state of mind before you fall asleep. It is true, of course, you go through this mood before going to sleep, but only for a few seconds. In your case, you must reduce your brainwaves specifically, for about 15 minutes.

Actively participate in the alpha state of mind.

In this state of mind, your subconscious mind and activate your intuition. If you can stay at the alpha level of about 15 minutes, you will be able to receive information from your subconscious and / or you can reprogram your mind to help you achieve your goal. Is generally lottery. Do lotto numbers you want to get, or get information from your subconscious. Deep to assist in this matter and calls from your subconscious mind. Do you think you do. Do you believe that dreams can provide. If you are in an emotional state, if you want to do these intensive creative tasks, said a statement expressed as follows: “I have the intention of winning the lottery.”

Remember your dreams.

To benefit from the information of your dreams, you must learn to remember at least one dream at night. It takes a conscious effort. For a specific purpose, you have to remember the last dream before waking in the morning. The first thing to do is focus your sleep before any other activity, even before opening his eyes. Do not try to move from the position in which you wake up. Be the first thing to remember your dreams or something that comes to mind. Observe how quickly you feel your dream. Quick note agreed, even if only one section. Insert your feelings, a dialog box or a few words, if any. Remember that this is the answer.

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