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Virtual life are the last class of Internet gaming today, as they are the players Herself a role play or like life really possible. Normally, players create their own avatars, and saw how these avatars will look at some of the best virtual life games represent today.

There are many options when it comes to the best virtual life games available to all users and the choice really depends on the players taste, discretion and even age and sex comes.

Top 5 games of virtual life

A. The Sims 2 – A branch of the original Sims, Sims 2 is one of the best games are virtual lives worldwide since its introduction in the market to improve their properties and bread closer we can still enjoy all the simulation parameters “I’ve always liked the original version.

Here, people can build and develop their communities, their homes and the homes environment Sims 2 allows players more complex with their designs and interiors. There are several other features that will surely give the players more fun and joy.

Second Desperate Housewives: The Game – is developed by Liquid Entertainment is one of the best virtual life games designed specifically for women – although men can play. Players can also use their own avatars here. Wisteria Lane and is the setting for the game, a bit like real TV Series

The graphics and sound, and the songs are actually played some songs that we here at the show itself also very funny dialogues.

Third Wildlife Park 2 – This game was developed by Deep Silver, is one of the best virtual life games for animal lovers. Realistic weather conditions, botanical gardens and zoo animals make this game an interesting game for those who want to keep trying your luck at the zoo. The challenge is to grow the animals in their environment and to keep visitors entertained at the playground.

Fourth Bratz Rock Angelz – based on the popular Bratz franchise, can be classified as one of the best developed virtual life games for girls. You can play with your favorite Bratz in order to create a fashion magazine. The girls go on an adventure of the spoon right images and mini-games are also very entertaining.

It is relatively simple game for girls who want to go and have lots of fun and adventure to avoid the hassle.

Fifth Kaneva – This game allows players to connect with friends around the world to create their own avatars, shopping clubs, dance and play all kinds of games. All players have to do their own apartment and integrating your favorite music and videos, and invite friends to hang!

It is considered one of the best games of virtual life, when it comes to real-time campers with friends, wherever they are in the world.

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