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As the popularity grows awards in Paris, many people are looking more and more people to lose the benefits of putting horse racing horses. But what is the best strategy? At first glance one might think that simply betting that the loser will lose is a quick way to easy money. In fact, the best race horse betting against the favorite.

Betting that the stranger was lost in the 20/1 to start well, and doubtless soon develop a winning streak. However, sooner or later, it hit 33/1 with “no chance” before returning home, and you can also use at a price of 52.00 (for example) on Betfair. BOOM! There goes all the benefits of hard drive and more!

In general, a horse is the favorite, because it is the weight of money behind them in the market and forcing prices down has. The simple economics. There will be a point, but when the price of the horse is too small compared with the real possibility of winning. Beyond these “real” price is where the layers begin to make a profit.

So we are moving forward with this strategy, and we will pull all the favorites, right? Evil

Horse racing favorites are often low to low. That’s how the bookmakers have made their profit for generations. But they are too cheap, all the time – sometimes the horse the best chance of a race for a very good reason to enjoy preference.

If we take the simplified approach to place all of the favorites to bet on the stock after a while that would be about break even, because the currency markets are efficient barometer of probability. However, after the payment of commissions of our benefits, we look at our account slowly draining like water down a plug hole. Not good.

So how do you know who the true favorites of the favorites, and they are weak or vulnerable?

One method is to analyze the positive aspects of the shape of a horse. Do not be surprised that more active when they have fewer question marks against them to win. This is not rocket science, but taking the time to be strong candidates for weak favorites to separate the “edge” of the very important advantage.

Here is a list of criteria so you can ask the market leader in a given race:

Horse and First Class: Must have the ability or clear potential to seriously in the class of the race, competing to prove.

Second Horse and Track: Must have demonstrated ability in the right direction either today or similar characteristics.

Third Form and the last horse: analysis of the general form in recent weeks.

Quarter Horse and the race distance: You must have the ability or obvious potential to increase competition on the distance traveled today to prove.

Fifth Horse and Draw: Mark an obvious disadvantage to you.

Sixth Horse and Going: You must have a clear ability to manage the land now proved.

Seventh Coach and Track: Trainer must have at least a hit rate of 10% on the track today.

Proceedings of the Eighth and the last coach: the coach must have had at least two or placed a winning horse in the last 14 days.

Ninth Jockey and Track: Jockey must be at least a hit rate of 10% on the track today.

Rating a favorite as “weak” or otherwise, totally subjective, but is determined (for example) to a horse with three or more question marks or negatives on your way like a horse worth opposing.

As always, the question of price enters the equation. A horse may be left with several boxes of “verification” in the list above is a favorite in the race for low 01.05. This may be a fair price, and may not want to get involved in asking to lose.

On the other hand, if a filly 2j the city center and is offered on the track for the first time, and contrary to reason that they will be ridden by Frankie Dettori, Godolphin training empire in the name of, then you may want to consider the possibility of on.

In short:. Favorite race is usually a cheap source of potential Lay of Paris, because they often “over-bet and are too low compared with low-cost real chance Take the time to the most important aspects of how the horse and assess whether you have a favorite “strong” or “low” for analysis. If you decide you are vulnerable to defeat and the price is quite short, then you’ve identified a good bet.

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