dice (3D)

dice (3D)

Are you an adventurer? Then check out these scratch cards because now Beetle Bingo combines the fun of the great online scratch cards with a touch of adventure. If you like games, you should not wait to try it!

Beetle Bingo has some impressive graphics. You feel in the jungle of tropical plants and beetles bright sound that can be heard in the game will be surrounded by warm tropical Realistic environment and music will take you to a new scratch card every experience!

When you visit the Bingo Beetle, beetle stuck in a glass, their tickets scratch cards, bingo and a table surrounded by bamboo. The object is to get five number combinations in your ticket numbers in the development (for example, the combination of bingo and lottery tickets). What makes it even more interesting is that the figures numbered colored beetles, stick to the screen when you shake the glass, where they flap their wings show.

As the beetles are released from the glass, the number is dialed in the bingo card. You get three scratchcards per session. Each entry of green leaves, covered and scrape down the card reveals the various prize money you get when you can get five matching numbers. If you get a winning combination, then you will want to “Bingo!” Shout

You can buy another beetle value bingo cards: from 1 � to 10 � and you could win up to 100,000 �! Therefore, you will not be able to wait to get your prize cards! This game is so exciting and so like usual bingo game you want to hit the “Scratch All”. I do not usually do that, because I know how I missed all the excitement of the figures or symbols developers feel both.

However, if you click the “Scratch All” in this game will be a real treat! You feel as you play bingo online. The “Scratch All”, set free will beetles falling leaves cover their scratch cards. Although fever beetle through the screen, the computer will be marked every shot number on your ticket. Feel the thrill of seeing if you have five numbers in a row or not!

You can also play this game as a free scratch card. You should not miss!

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