play cards on the white background

play cards on the white background

A poker tournament

I thought I should put a simple system to play a poker tournament. Use it as a “base” that established the system, as you learn more about your game.

Round 1: Try to get a read on your opponents.

There are players who are loose and aggressive? If this is the case, you will find a way to try to insulate against the player.

There are players that are tight and passive? Ideally, the player left to steal their blinds. This does not apply after the first round, you want to stop even reading his opponents.

Laps: accumulate chips

Not playing tight. Play accumulate chips. Want to open your game and find a way to play against your opponents playing styles.

If you are in a start position (the top three positions on the right side of the big blind): The small or medium pair soft. If charged, ready to put 10% of the stack to see the flop. Unreasonable not play on the flop. If you hit your set, check only or 2x increase your opponent on the flop.

When you get a premium pair QQ, KK, AA or AK or AQ, increased 3 times the big blind. If you are re-raised, only to go all-in. If you have a refrigerator so be it. If you get a pair of 9, 10 and Jack, simply increase 2.5 times blind ‘s great. If you back up, you are ready to give 10% of your stack. When a loose-aggressive player is re-farming movement, only all-in.

If you get a bad hand in early position, you know, the KJ J-10, Q-10, KQ type hands, place it on a minimum wage increase. Do not bend. You want to steal the blinds. If charged, hot call with suited hands and will cost no more than 10% of your stack. If you miss sometimes. When you meet, to play against the opponent’s size and the image of his game. Consider a small bet, and means that you are missing a bet size 3/4th pot means it can be better. The small bet, raise the action. Place the pot size, you want to call and see the turn. Depends on your point of view of his opponent, what happens on the turn. Few players can draw a second ball.

In the center position, the pair of 9, 10 and J, should be put in a 3x big blind preflop. If someone raises before, call to see the flop, if it costs you 10% of your stack.

In the center position, hands shoved in the same way, except that you do not want to call a raise if the hand does not fit and it costs only 10% of your stack is.

End positions of the positions of attack =

In late position, everything is the same, except that the player interface, button and small blind with 2 cards to attack, if you are the first hand if you know these players closely, and even better if tight and passive. Preflop First set from the cutoff and button on a 3-fold increase in the big blind. In the small blind, then a raise 4 times the big blind. If you re-raise, fold.

For Rounds

In the center of the round can not go limping with pairs of small and medium enterprises in the top positions. Minutes stimulus is fine. It is smooth in the pot, if the game is in the middle of the round.

Keep a raise pre-flop only be done if you need the chips, has a pair of kings or aces, someone has raised before you, and you can duplicate this player.

A preflop raise to do with each pair. Try to hit with a full set.

Additional Information:

Small blind play paris hereby call with two cards of the same color and playable hands. Big Blind Play: When almost all hands to play and is 2-1 or better, call the raise on the flop to see.

If a player raises in early position to raise the matter. If a player raises from middle position, unless respect. If the player is free of his hands open, put in a reraise. If a player raises in late position with a prize of raising hand look good, unless that player is very narrow.

You spend all at more than 8 times the big blind with AJ in the first position or better. You can use the strength of your hand down, as if in a position to become the first person in the boat.

If you. Arrive at least 5 times the big blind, or try an ace, king, queen, or hand, each pair, suited connectors, and two playing cards when added equal 19 or better

Next Step

At the end of the tournament, to understand what works and what does not and adjust your game accordingly. Write notes and guidelines for your next event. Also, depending on the outcome of this event see. ‘S strategy to fit your schedule better

Be sure to write your learning and changing, so finally discovered. A system that suits your style of poker

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