A Stock Market Sheet with Dice, Gold Dollars and a Compass

A Stock Market Sheet with Dice, Gold Dollars and a Compass

Every day there are hundreds of others, this new Facebook game, FishVille.

The game is pretty easy to learn, once the basics:

OBJECTIVE: Increase and feed the fish so that you can sell for coins and XP, if the fish is large enough.

As you gain more points and XP, and increase the level you will be able to buy more fish, decorations, and even a new tank. Other varieties of fish and decorations will be available as you move up in the game.

Fish Basics

Your first tank in Fishville 1, 15 fish. (If you have reached level 4, you can keep your tank more). To begin selling fish in the first tank junior to earn coins. Then you can use the store to buy more fish. If you are the type of fish you choose, you can click on the tank to put the fish eggs.

While looking through different types of fish, said the company, how long will grow one, how much it costs to buy and how much I can sell.

This is an important thing when you are considering looking to buy fish – if you are not at your computer for a while, not a good idea to buy a fast-growing fish. However, if you know you return to the same time every day, choose fish that lasts 12 hours or a day to grow and you’ll be back just in time to feed them.

Selling fish

You can sell your fish when they reach “junior” level, although they earn more coins and XP, if you wait until an “adult”. Simply click on the tool and the net around the fish you want to catch click sell.

The fish feed

If fish “adult” stage need not be fed the same frequency. Furthermore, FishVille report that really need to be fed before the fish – fish food is free, serves more as a warning.

Love Fish

Every day you will notice a button in the lower left corner of the screen that says: “Give your fish Love” – ??the well-fed and happy fish are the parts that you get to show your love.

There is a wealth of information available online to help you win FishVille.

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