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gold coins , Hong Kong currency $0.5 coins

The free trial version of The Sims Online is being reviewed. Shortly after EA, the trial will become permanent free play. Good news for those of us who can not afford to 9, $ 99 per month for the full game, but the cause of this change?

Well, in short, EA inhibited. The Sims Online was the age of 4 years free, and has a relatively small user base. The game was very popular Second Life published at the same time, and went from strength to strength. Now Second Life is a game very well and plays with different strengths to the Sims Online, but the Sims comes from a franchise that has the two best-selling games of all time. It should not be too difficult to reach an EA game, then fell at least 10% of online games. And first, they did.

In early January 2003, the Sims Online over 100,000 active subscriptions, making it the top of the list of online games. Sales increased, and EA expects 40,000 subscribers by year’s end. And then they gave up. Barthelet Lucas, senior vice president of Electronic Arts, seemingly turned his back in the game, and bugs and instabilities were not resolved. Codes found that allowed players, large amounts of Simoleons (the Sims Online currency) received, resulting in the destruction of the economy in the game and made many of the goals of the game (such as employment) useless. Before the cheats came out Simoleons could be sold on eBay for real money, which is one of the attractions for many new players who wait for their actions in the game some kind of effect in the real world.

The secrets of the Second grew, and Sims Online – The online version of the most popular games of all time – was plunged into darkness. A few faithful users stuck with it, but most of the players that left alone, but the search for the latest games with the most interesting and innovative. However, this must change now. Barthelet Lucas announced in March 2007 was up in the forums to resume playing for the first time in years have been consulted and the Sims Online world is in a reorganization.

One of the first things that EA is doing to create new cities studied by the players. They change the logo, and promised to fill the gaps that allow the money to close the fraudsters. Registration is greatly simplified, and the free trial version will be soon, permanent free play. A selection of the city for non-taxpayers, a unique avatar less starting money: Of course there are limits to give. However, there is a time commitment of EA, and no doubt attract many new players. New players, paid or not, will breathe new life into the game, and it must be good for EA, whose image was looking a bit tarnished by its failure.

Why now? Now that Sims 3 will be released on the basis of (possibly) 2008, which may have something to do with it. Nobody wants a dead goose on display when it comes to advertising your new product for construction, and it will take some time for the Sims Online to get back on track. This is a very promising (re-) starting, however, and a very exciting time, the world of the Sims Online. New features such as Avatar Book, which works much like Facebook, will contribute to interest and was able to take a very large audience indeed. Few people who have played the Sims games have not wondered what it would be playing with other people, but most were made by the bad reviews and advice from friends. Now that everything is changing, and the community can become stronger and stronger. So the question is not why EA are that these changes now, but why not do before. Now we wait and play, and I hope this EA right time.

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